Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands at Sephora

Now that I (FINALLY) have a local Sephora to shop at, I’m thinking more about showcasing brands that are A. super hyped, B. easily accessed (ahem Sephora),  and C. still cruelty free.

One of my biggest cruelty free turn offs is the wealth of CF beauty bloggers who only ever showcase verrrrry hippy/unknown brands. I get it. Someone has to do it, but to me it’s important that people who see CF as an afterthought can learn that there are brands that they already know and trust that are cruelty free. Those big brands, while they might already be doing well, are still just as, if not MORE worth talking about.  Continue reading

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Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Review | FENTY BEAUTY


Fenty Beauty is finally here! Let me just take this moment to thank Rihanna for blessing us with these products. Since my wallet is stretched thin (thanks Uni) I limited myself to only one (1) Fenty Beauty product but now that I’ve tried it I’m itching for more! Is it a blessing?! Is it a curse?! I can’t decide! Here’s my review of the already super hyped up Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter.


Product Performance…

Isn’t this the most important part of any cult beauty product? Fenty Beauty has been SO hyped in the past week and LET ME TELL YOU – IT’S FOR REAL. I’ve been using Tarte’s Pink Champagne highlight forever now and I’ve been feeling like I need something that pops a lil more (how ironic). Knowing that Fenty Beauty was coming out with highlighters, I held off on buying the classic Becca ones and I’m SO happy I did. You get TWO highlighters in the Killawat palette and BOTH have insane colour pay off. The shimmer is super glossy looking with a lil bit of colour, AND it comes in a variety of shades so if you want a lil more colour Fenty’s got you covered. I went forclassic champagne colours Mean Honey + Hu$tla Baby because I knew I’d wear them most often but they had some nice lighter shades and a few pink + purple ones too. This highlighter is your dream highlighter. It lasts forever, and it shows up like it should – note in these pictures I just I applied it with my FINGER and it showed up this well : Unreal.



On the brightside… 

This product is made in Canada! I’m not sure if they’re all manufactured in the country’s they’re made in, but I’m glad to see the ‘Made in Canada’ label because I know it’s being made in compliance with Canadian labour laws and there shouldn’t be TOO much shadiness with the chemicals being used.

Cruelty free? It seems so! While I’m having trouble tracking down any source coming directly from Fenty Beauty, Rihanna seems to have hinted that she tested everything on herself, and many are saying that Fenty doesn’t test any of it’s products on animals and does not allow suppliers to do so either. I’ll update if there’s any news saying otherwise.


Also the packaging is indred. All of the Fenty products are shaped to fit together like honeycomb and it’s v chic. The packaging is white but it shimmers in the light and it’s magical. The logo is actually grey which I was like eh at first but now I think I like it better than black bc it’s less harsh and just seems classier. Not the obvious choice but it’s cool and damn if that ain’t what Rihanna’s always doing.

On the downside…

The only real ‘downside’ to this is that it costs $42CAD which isn’t cheap, but it’s about on par with the other cult highlighters soooooo I don’t mind paying it.

The Verdict…

This product makes  me want to invest more in Fenty Beauty. It’s super hyped, but super worth it, and now I want to know if the rest of the range is just as quality as this is …….. more to follow next pay day? Hopefully.

You can get your own from your local Sephora, online at Sephora, or online at Fenty Beauty’s own site:

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4 Quick + Easy Back to School Hairstyles!

I made this video last year, but I never got around to sharing it will all of you! These are four of my go-to easy peasy + super quick hairstyles for when I want a few more minutes of sleep in the morning. The nicest part about them is that they all look pretty professional + put together!

Let me know what YOUR go-to easy hairstyles are, I’ve been using these 4 to death for the past year now. It’s officially time for me to branch out, hahah!

Give the video a lil like if you liked it and please share with friends! Good luck on your back to school transition ♡♡♡

with loooooooove

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Back to School Beauty Guide

It’s that time again! I think I’m the only one who’s actually extremely excited to go back to school, so I thought why not write up a little beauty guide to make the tough transition from summer vacation back to school a little easier. Some of these are necessities (if you ask me anyway), and some of these are just little pamper recommendations to help you relax and keep that skin glowing through the stressful first few days.

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Givenchy’s ‘Noir Interdit’ Mascara Review

In my experience mascara is the one beauty item that people of all budgets are willing to splurge on. When Givenchy was looking for Canadian Bloggers to review their new mascara I was tres interested. People are always curious to know whether the more luxurious makeup brands are really worth the extra cash, so let me break Givenchy’s Noir Interdit Mascara down for you. Continue reading

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Do Trends Really Exist?

I know, I know, for the past few months I’ve been selling you on statement sleeves and motto tees, and now here I am trying to make you question whether or not they’re really, actually, a thing.  BUT if you ask me, that right there is the root of it! Continue reading

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RMS Beauty ‘Un-Cover Up Concealer/Foundation’ Review

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset Continue reading

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