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Here’s a post I initially wrote about 10 months ago, but it’s getting to be about that time again when the winter weather starts messing with our beauty routine. My ‘Beauty Tips for Winter Weather’ posts are exactly what they say they are; a collection of tips on easy (in my case- lazy) ways to deal with some of the every day side effects of living in a cold climate.

As you may know or may not know, I’m from Canada! And here in Canada, it likes to be exceptionally chilly and dry! So for the next little bit I will be sharing my secrets to managing some common beauty issues that arise in colder climates:

Chapped LipsEXFOLIATE THEM! This is a tip I learned from none other than Miss Alexa Chung herself, in her book “It” (which you can read more about HERE). I know it sounds gross, but it’s a chapped lips lifesaver.
All you have to do is:
-mix a equal parts Vaseline and brown sugar together and rub it on your lips and then wash it off with water
I like to make a lot of a scrub like this and then keep it in an old hotel shampoo bottle (which I would have obviously cleaned out), so that I don’t need to keep making more every time I want to exfoliate. It’s also a great way to reuse those old shampoo bottles!

Exfoliating your lips may seem really yucky, but the scrub actually helps get rid of the dry, dead skin layering you lips, which helps rejuvenate them and the Vaseline helps moisturize them. So as long as you don’t over exfoliate, your chapped lips should be gone in no time! By ‘don’t over exfoliate them’ I mean only do this once or twice a week.

Also, remember that it’s important to moisturize them, and not just with your typical lip chap. When it comes to lip chap, I always try to go natural, this is because one time I was watching Doctor Oz and he was talking about how your lips can actually become addicted to lip balm, (if you’re curious about that or think I’m crazy, watch the video of him talking about it HERE .It’s really interesting and I definitely recommend that you do, it’s not very long and it’s totally worth it!) By putting on lip balm consistently, you’re actually blocking the lips natural rejuvenating cycle which can make the top layers of your lips dry and brittle. The solution? Use a natural oil to moisturize your lips instead. He recommends (and I use) coconut oil. This is because not only does it moisturize your lips without blocking lips natural cycle of shedding old cells (gross, I know), but it also smells nice and tastes fine if you accidentally get some in your mouth as well. I put it on post-exfoliation and in the mornings after I was my face! Easy peasy.

BUT, I’m very aware that walking around with coconut oil in your pocket for when your lips start to feel chapped is a bit outrageous so here are some lip products that (if you don’t overuse them) won’t dry out your lips:

– SkinFare (who’s website is for some stupid reason not working right now so I can’t put a link in), SkinFare is an American brand that produces products much like lip chap that can be used both on your lips and anywhere else you may be having dry skin. They also make different kinds of SkinFare products which target specific issues people have, such as dry skin.

– Lucas Papaw Ointment: This is the stuff I use, my friend who lives in Australia bought it for me for my birthday and I love it. It’s made from Papaya in Australia and can be used as a remedy for seriously all kinds of weird issues. Everything from insect stings to gravel rash and so, so many in between. Normally I just use it as an emergency lip chap, but it has saved my ass a couple times when I’ve been in an “emergency” situation aka I got stung by a bee and it really hurt. It’s just a nice thing to have with you.
I hope this beauty tip helps some of you out there struggling with your chapped lips, feel free to comment with any beauty issues you have from harsh winter weather, and I’ll do my best to make a post on it! Cheers!


  1. I am going to try the lip scrub tonight or tomorrow, I have looking at lip exfolients online but I prefer DIY with organic ingredients 🙂 I am glad You liked my winter mani, or I would not have found this 🙂 Happy Holidays dear

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