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Lately I have taken to baking more often, mostly because I ate so much delicious food in New York, only to come back to Thunder Bay to find that there’s no where you can get a good chocolate covered strawberry (or crepe, or macaron, etc…) Update: you can now find good crepes AND macarons in Tbay!!! Yes!! Still no chocolate covered strawberries though – lucky they’re so easy!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a personal favourite of mine, in New York I got some from Carlo’s Bakery in midtown and they were to die for, and I’ve been craving more ever since. They’re incredibly easy to make at home, but for some reason I’d never thought to try homemade ones until recently, so I thought I’d write a quick post on how you can do this, should you find yourself in a situation like me (where you literally have no where else to get them, tragedy).

First, boil water in a saucepan. If you have a double boiler, you can use that to put the chocolate in, if not use a non-plastic (or just non-melting) bowl that can sit comfortably on top of the saucepan. Be careful that the boiling water doesn’t come in contact with the double boiler/bowl. Put the chocolate into the double boiler once the water is boiling and the steam will warm the bowl and melt the chocolate. Keep stirring the chocolate as it melts – it won’t take long and you don’t want it to burn! Once you have the right amount of chocolate sauce you can remove the bowl and use it to dip the strawberries into. To dip the strawberries I just make sure they’re washed and fully dried (you don’t want to get any water into the chocolate mix, it makes it grainy and gross), then I hold them by the leafy area, dip them into the chocolate and roll it around a bit until the entire bottom is covered. Once they’re dipped, place them onto a plate and let them cool off/dry, if you want this done quickly just make room for them in the refrigerator. Once they’re dry you can peel them off the plate (if they’re not dry they’ll stick) and they’re ready to eat. 🙂

Some things to remember:

– the kind of chocolate you use reflects the kind of sauce you make; unsweetened chocolate = unsweetened chocolate sauce = not the best. I use Hershey’s sweetened chocolate chips because they melt faster than baking chocolate (which you can also use) and the chocolate tastes fantastic.

– put wax paper down on the plate before you put the chocolate covered strawberries down, this minimizes the chance of them sticking to the plate/paper

– mix up chocolates, make some dark chocolate, some milk, some white, or a combination of the three! I usually make milk and drizzle white chocolate on top since that’s a family favourite of mine and it’s so easy to do

– don’t get any water into the chocolate mixture or it’ll get ruined 🙁 then you won’t have any chocolate covered strawberries and no one wants that! No one!!!

– if you’re going to drizzle another type of chocolate on top, make sure the previous chocolate is mostly dried so it goes on nicely

– when cleaning up, the chocolate shouldn’t be hard to get off as long as you’re using warm/hot water; it may harden while you’re dipping the strawberries so the warm water will soften the chocolate again so it’s easy to wash off

These are super easy to make, and super delicious, I hope you have fun trying them out and enjoy your homemade chocolate covered strawberries!

Let me know how it works out for you in the comments below 🙂

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