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I’ve come to the realisation that – in addition to not having posted in over a month, I also have yet to post about any of my favourite artists. Nina is a musician fairly well known in the UK and Europe, not so well known over here in North America. This is a piece I wrote about her and her music last August:

A bit about Nina- she’s a Scottish (brownie points there am I right?) singer-songwriter, she plays the guitar, piano and flute, started her music career on YouTube. She was a teenage model until she met and dated Ed Sheeran who helped her get her to start producing and pursuing her music career. She toured with him and Example and then started releasing EPs, and finally released an official album ‘Peroxide’ in early 2014. She spent the year touring with various artists and playing festivals. She’s currently recording some new music which she’s generously been sharing with her fans on her YouTube page.nina

I started listening to Nina after listening to Ed’s song about her (you’ve probably heard it, it’s literally called ‘Nina’) for a week practically non-stop. I’d already known she made music but I hadn’t ever really heard anything by her so, motivated by procrastination, I decided to check her out.

It was practically love at first listen… if that’s a thing? Nina’s songs are so easy to fall in love with. In a lot of ways she writes like Taylor Swift, meaning she writes songs that you listen to and just think ‘YES, THIS IS HOW IT THIS IS HOW I FEEL SHE PUT IT IN WORDS’. Her lyrics are mostly about her… I was going to say love life and finding herself but I really think her lyrics are just about her, and her life and things she goes through and, okay yeah, a lot of them are about boys but they’re the kind of songs that can relate to so many situations. They’re the kind of songs where even if the song is written about a situation completely different to your own, it still manages to be relevant and make you feel like she understands what you’re going through. In that respect she’s very much like Taylor Swift. Basically – all you need to know is her music is the kind of music you can listen to no matter what you’re going through and immediately feel comforted and understood.

In terms of her sound, it’s pretty much just straight up acoustic,- she has a very singular voice, it’s kind of different to most of the popular or current music in America in the sense that it’s just straight up, unprocessed music. It’s similar to Taylor Swift pre-Red but more like, if you’ve heard it, any acoustic Ellie Goulding tunes, just more upbeat. In contrast to Taylor Swift, it’s not just Nina’s lyrics that make her music one of my favourites, it’s also her voice itself. That girl can hit notes. She’s kind of like if T-Swiz wrote an album with her new upbeatedness, but still acoustic and with killer lyrics.

Anyways, even if you don’t like Taylor or Ellie, there’s a good chance you’ll like Nina so give her a chance! I find her music is very refreshing to listen to because we’re so used to listening to the same old manufactured pop music, and in contrast, Nina’s songs are very much just real, raw, music. Classic.
SOOOOOO go on and give her album ‘Peroxide’ a listen here!

My personal favourite songs by Nina Nesbitt are:

– Some You Win
– Hold You (ft. Kodaline) = actually amazing I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS IT ENOUGH
– The Outcome
– The Hardest Part

In the time since I originally posted this, Nina has started posting some more new music on youtube, my favourite is California Comedown. Check her out and let me know what you think!

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