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Hi guys! This is a much delayed blog post and for that I apologise, but now that school’s in session I’ll be spending a lot of my time procrastinating which will be great for my blog!

At the end of August I went on a little girl’s trip to Toronto and went to see One Direction on their On the Road Again tour. I only spent a few nights there, but it was incredibly fun and I got to explore some new places as well as visit some of my favourites while I was there.

The first day we spent there it was outrageously warm. That hot, sticky, humid kind of heat. Not ideal for walking from our hotel in Chinatown all the way up to Bloor, but we did it anyways. Mostly I made us because I really wanted to go to BMV books (they have the best secondhand art books). We stopped at a couple different places for food, classic Popeyes, Smoke’s Poutinerie (who could walk by this place???? WHO???) and then we went to YoYo’s Yogurt Cafe before heading to the AGO. The Art Gallery of Ontario is my favourite. We were lucky that it was a Wednesday so we got in for free, and we were a little late so we missed all the lines. We still had enough time to explore and see some of the really cool stuff they have there. We also spent a significant time in the gift shop, before heading over to the Eaton Centre and shopping some more.

The next day was our dedicated shopping day. We went to Younge Street and the Eaton Centre and made sure we got to all of our favourite stores and then some. We didn’t have too much time though as we had to be at the Roger’s Centre for 3 o’clock for the One Direction “pre-party”.

Once we got to the Roger’s Centre we waited in line for a short amount of time before we were let in. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I figured it would just be music and pizza and some seats but definitely not what was planned. Once we got inside we were given our gift bags – which included a shirt (a very, very long shirt/dress shirt???), a lanyard saying we were VIP, and a portable charger. In the party area there were different buffet-style food stands set up, they had a nacho bar and candy. Candy everywhere. It was a dream. There was live music and places to sit and stand. We opted to use this time to hit the bar and eat lots of candy. So much candy. I loved the candy. I put jolly ranchers in my gift bag for later in the night, it was an excellent idea. After the party ended, we had to spend a lot of time sitting in our uncomfortable chairs waiting for the show to start, that was the biggest drawback. It did give us lots of time to get our stuff settled and go pee though, and the portable charger made sure our phones didn’t die.

IMG_4932 The show itself was awesome. Icona Pop was the opening act, another thing I wasn’t really sure about, but they were fantastic and adorable and I love them. We were super close to the stage which was the best. My favourite kind of concert is one thats just a pit, and this is about as close as you can get to that at a One Direction concert. Looking back on my videos, the people around us definitely weren’t going as hard as we were but I went with people that had no shame in dancing along to every song, which is the best way to concert. Also we got to hear them play Drag Me Down, and to be honest, their entire set list was made up of their best songs, it wasn’t even just their newest album or just there “hits”. They definitely filled it up with my favourite songs which I wasn’t expecting and which was a huge plus.

After the concert we walked back to our hotel and I passed out right away. SO tired. The next day we took a shuttle bus from Union Station to Vaughan Mills Mall to do some more shopping. It was good because they had a lot of different stores compared to downtown Toronto, but mostly I was interested in eating crepes and looking for adidas sneakers (which I couldn’t find and ended up ordering online). Once we got back to Toronto we went for dinner at the Loose Moose which was so good, then we were on our flight back home.

IMG_4968 IMG_5013 IMG_5070 Let me just take this time to say, the underground tunnel at Porter is a great improvement. SO MUCH FASTER. God bless the tunnel. This trip was a great little get away kind of trip, the concert was awesome, the shopping was awesome, the food was awesome. What more can I ask for?


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