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I LOVE AUTUMN!!!! As soon as the leaves start changing colours I am an enthusiastic little child again. I love everything fall, and I always get cute ideas of fall whenever it’s not fall… of hikes in pretty coloured forests, and pumpkin patch dates and corn mazes and pumpkin pie..! Yet come Autumn every year, I rarely do anything particularly autumn-y. This year I really wanted to make an effort to change that. All my favourite fall memories are from my childhood- spending a day out with the animals(!!!) on a farm, swinging on tire swings in a hay barn, pumpkin picking at a pumpkin patch, and going for a hay rides (and falling off)! Lucky for me, I can easily find all these things very close to home but I’ve never really made the effort to go on my own. Apparently I’m an adult now, so that’s what I have to do.

Last Sunday I made my way out to Gammondale Farm, only 20 minutes out of town. Every October they put on a “Pumpkinfest,” a very family friendly fall festival that runs on the weekends. Most of the activities at Pumpkinfest are geared towards small children, so naturally I fit right in.


I spent my day at Gammondale Farm canoodling with farm animals, navigating through some pretty cool mazes, admiring pumpkins, and eating pumpkin cookies and hot chocolate to my heart’s content. The views weren’t so bad either; nothing but cute animals, cute people, and a cute countryside. All in all, my day at Gammondale Farm was an A+ autumnal day, and brought me back to the many childhood days I spent there. It was adorable seeing little kids making the same memories I have. TOO CUTE.

IMG_5648            IMG_5646 IMG_5650           IMG_5651

Any day that I get to spend petting horses and walking through pretty leaves is a day well spent. I’m thankful for the lovely memories I’ve made already this fall season. I hope all my Canadian friends and followers had a lovely Thanksgiving and made some happy autumn memories!!

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