Fashion | Thrift Shop Haul

Hi friends! Tomorrow I’m heading off to Toronto for the weekend, (my mom’s running the Scotiabank marathon), and I thought ‘Before I go off spending loads of money on clothes, I better see what I can get for cheap here!’ So off I went to the local thrift store to see what I could find.

We have a couple of thrift stores around and I thought I might have to go to a few before I found anything I really liked. Then, next thing I know, I’m 5 minutes deep into shopping at the first store and I’ve got hoards and hoards of clothes in my arms! On this trip I was looking to just get a couple more staple pieces that I could easily class up, and I was not disappointed!

 (I always take pictures in the dressing room of the things I try on so that I can consult with my fashionista friends on what to buy). This jacket was the first thing I picked out – a classic jean sherling jacket!!! Been looking for one for SO LONG! Extremely happy it fits.

 This sweater is probably my favourite thing that I bought. It’s so cozy and autumnal, and it fits so nicely! I absolutely LOVE it.

 This is a mustard yellow thermal shirt that I found in the boys section (guilty). Again, I’m loving that it’s an autumnal colour, but I think it’s also light enough to wear in spring as well. Also loving the high neckline, and the cut of the bottom just because I like the way the shape is on me.

 This is just a really cozy grey sweater, but again I really love the cut! I have quite broad shoulders and I usually find that these kinds of sweaters look too boxy on me, which is a shame cause they’re so nice and warm! This one has a nice cut on the bottom that slims it out a little and gives it more shape which I really like!!! Especially for $3!!!!

On top of the clothing I bought two table books:

   The top one is filled with amazing photographs that vogue has been a part of over the years, and the bottom is a book about the War Horse play (my favorite) that was put on at the Princess of Wales Theatre – which someone went to see, bought this book, then gave it away at the thrift store all for me to get it for 99 cents!!! What a GOOSE!
Anyways, altogether I spent about $35 and I was really thrilled with what I found! Next stop: Queen Street West!



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