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Hi friends!! I bought a Triangl bikini in ‘Twiggy Stardust’ about a year ago. I kept meaning to do a product review for it as I couldn’t find a good one before I bought mine, but my blog was in it’s infancy back then. Since then, the brand has grown in popularity. The suits remain to be quite pricey, so it’s understandable to want to know what you’re getting! Here’s my product review of Triangl’s bikinis:

The bikini I have is called the Twiggy Stardust bikini, it’s all black and doesn’t have any tie up strings. It has bra-like straps (no halter) and the back strap clicks together with a snap rather than being tied up. This has it’s advantages and disadvantages. It’s nice because the neoprene material isn’t very bendy, and doesn’t form to your curves very well. So in this case as long is everything is properly proportioned and where it should be, the bikini will fit perfectly!

Unfortunately, if you (like me) are not proportioned “normally”, you may have some issues with this kind of bikini. That being said, Triangl warns you of this before you purchase it, I simply decided I didn’t care and that hopefully it would look how I wanted it to (it didn’t).The issue is that if your breast size is not proportional to your waist size, it’s virtually impossible to buy a non-tie up bikini that will fit your body properly, the result is awkward bending in the bra top of the suit. Again, this is because of the neoprene, so if you’re concerned about this – buy a tie up bikini instead! On the other hand, I have heard that this material also holds in water much more than a normal suit, which causes mishaps with the tie-up suits. (As they fill with water and slouch as you get out of the water – not a great look.

These are just some things to consider when picking your Triangl bikini. Also, consider that this material is different than normal suit material, and though it is more durable, it requires more care as well. The suit needs to be rinsed after being worn in water, needs to be laid out flat to dry and kept flat so that it doesn’t get any creases, which, because of the material, would be very visible.

Sidenote: the neoprene material is not uncomfortable at all! Just a little thicker and more sturdy.

Over the summer I wore my bikini a lot, just to lay out in the sun. Recently I brought it with me to hot tub in at a hotel in Toronto. For me, it was just a matter of getting over my own insecurities. As long as you dig enough into the Triangl website and do the background research on the suit you want to buy- and listen to what they say (unlike me), you should be overall very pleased with what you receive! Each bikini order also comes with a neoprene bag, so you’re getting more for your money which is really nice!

Overall, the Triangl team works really hard to give it’s customers what they’re looking for, and as long as you love what you’re wearing you’ll look great in it! Confidence is key!😉



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