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Hi friends! It’s getting to be that time of the year when those of us in college and uni are stuffed under piles of work in preparation for exams. BOO 🙁

But! I have been spending the last little while preparing myself for all the stress by investing and researching de-stressers! Over the last week I’ve been waiting for some blood test results to get back which is also stressful so I may have already used some of my new products.

Anyways… here are my go-to de-stressers for exam season, and tips on getting through the most anxious days!

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare! I put this one first, because it seems to be the only one I don’t actually do. BUT! Studying a little bit each day over a period of time is a sure way to stop some of that stress. I usually get the most stressed when it’s too late for me to start revising for an exam, so this year I have looked at my exam schedule and am working on a study schedule so that by the time my exams roll around I won’t have that “well, it’s too late anyways” anxiety. So, if you need someone to tell you, go study. RIGHT NOW.
  2. Find your own space. This also goes for studying, find a place away from your phone and your family (soz mom), where you won’t be distracted and can really focus on studying. Whenever I’m trying to focus but there are too many distractions I just end up super frustrated and even more anxious, because I know I’m not being effective in studying. I used to go to a coffee shop but all the loud noises have started getting to me. Thankfully, my room is in the basement so it’s usually a safe place for me to get studying. I also spent some time at my grandparents’ house last night and it was surprisingly an awesome place for studying! Finding a quiet place to get your studies done makes the whole studying thing way more chill. Also they have a cat, so that’s a plus.
  3. Take breaks. I used to be a “take a phone break every 15-20 minutes” kind of girl, mostly because I couldn’t stop myself from doing so. Now, I like to keep my phone out of the room while I do my first hour of studying, and my breaks consist of things like stretching. This helps a lot because if I don’t stretch up my back I will end up stopping with the studying because it hurts. Also, if I take a break on my phone it ends up being like 20 minutes long, not 3.
  4. Take time for yourself. I have been stocking up on products that will help me take 15-30 minutes just to relax in the evenings. My favourite are facemasks because they’re a specific set of time (usually 15-20 minutes). It helps to have a set time limit so that I don’t end up sitting on my phone until 2am, and I end up cherishing those 15 minutes and read a book or something instead. It helps me wind down for sleepy time after studying all night, and I really love it. I recently picked up a 3 pack of Origins face masks, and a 3 pack of Sephora sheet masks, and a couple of eye masks just for this. You can find your own at the Sephora website (
  5. Keep warm. A little bit of a weird one here, but I always find that I do my best studying when I’m warm. Since my room is in the basement it’s usually pretty chilly down there, and I have terrible circulation which makes my feet super freezing, and makes it hard to type with cold fingers. My go-to ways to counteract this is – burning candles, a plus in itself because they smell yummy AF, and using a small heated blanket which I keep on my lap and stuff my toesies or hands into whenever they get particularly cold.
  6. Down time. Take a good chunk of your day away from your work desk to get something else done. Spend some time with friends or go get some fresh air, or, my favourite, spend some time baking! All of these things can be very rewarding during exam time even though they may feel unproductive, it helps keep your stress at a minimum. Baking is my favourite because it still feels productive, but I still get to de-stress, and I get to have a snack when I do end up studying. 🙂
  7. Stay on track. Don’t devote all of your day to studying, get out with your friends (this is the best way to de stress because it’s so distracting). My problem is, I end up spending all of my time baking or with friends, and not enough time studying. I keep a journal and I’m planning on making sure I’m on track with my studying by making an entry every night. Not necessarily about my studying (lol that would be boring), but just so I’m aware of the date and how close or far my exams are. Some things my friends do are: use a day planner, use a white board, use a big calendar on your wall. As long as you’re keeping track of the days and how much you’re getting done, hopefully this motivates us to keep the studying going.

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