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Hi friends!  Monthly favourites are one of my favourite things to do (haha), but I feel like I don’t change up my routine enough over a month to have new ones each month.. Basically that’s why I’ve skipped October! Sorry! Just don’t want to bore you all with repeats.

I like to do a monthly favourites video on my YouTube account, but I thought I’d just write up a little bit for those of you who don’t like watching videos, or maybe you’re on your phone in class just looking for something to read! (Lord knows I do that 99% of the time). If you get the chance to watch my video, just scroll to the bottom of this post and I’ll leave it there!

Makeup Favourites:

  • MAC’s Media lipstick in their ‘Satin’ range. I found this was my ideal autumnal colour and I wore it almost every day in November. It’s excellent for moving from Autumn into Winter, and it’s not too dry and stays on awhile so I really liked it! If you’re looking for a cheaper option, I used Rimmel London’s Bordeaux which is really similar (but way cheaper) up until I made enough money to afford higher end products!
  • MAC’s Studio Fix Bold Black Lash mascara. This is an old favourite of mine which I’d thought I had run out of but I HADN’T! Woo hoo! It does a really good job in terms of coverage, but doesn’t compromise on clumping which is so nice! It’s got really small plastic bristles which are excellent to maximize coverage while still keeping an even spread. I love this mascara, and it wasn’t too expensive either!
  • NB Mineral Eyeshadow in ‘Elegant’. NB stands for Naturale Beauty, I had to look it up because I picked up this eyeshadow years ago at Winners. It remains to be a classic favourite of mine though I’m probably going to have to get rid of it soon as I don’t think they’re meant to last this long. If you see these eyeshadows lying around anywhere though PICK THEM UP!!!!! They remain to be my absolute favourite eyeshadows ever and they’re super cheap!

Skincare/Selfcare Favourites

  • Sephora Sheet Face Masks and Eye Masks: I pick a couple of these up whenever I go into Sephora because they’re my absolute favourite! I’ve put this section as skincare/selfcare because I use these as more of a relaxing thing than a skincare, having it brighten up my skin is just a plus? I just really love winding down with a face mask on after a particularly stressful day, I feel like it just cleans all the stress off my face and I’m left feeling all fresh and calm! It’s a nice little treat yourself and they’re only 5 or 6 dollars so why not!
  • GUD by Bert’s Bees ‘Pearanormal Activity’ Body Cream. My aunt gave me two bottles of these at the end of the summer and I’ve already used an entire one! I love it so much, it has a really lasting moisturizer without feeling super wet and slick on the skin. It hydrates my skin really well which is essential during colder months like November when my skin dries out!

Other Beauty Favourites:

  • ‘Tease’ By Victoria’s Secret in the rollerball. I got this in a makeup bag that I bought without realising that it was like a gift pack? It was on sale so I picked it up just before the counter haha! I really like this because though it wears off over the day, it’s in a rollerball so you can just pop it in your bag and refresh it over the day which is really nice! It also smells pretty yummy and I feel like it’s a good casual scent to wear day by day. Also an excellent cheaper perfume option for those of you still in your pre-working days!
  • Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. I received this as a sample for one of my Sephora orders in September so I’ve only got the smaller version. I absolutely love this though, it removes my makeup so well and doesn’t feel harsh on my skin like some other removers do. I end up using this after using another makeup removing wipe and it always ends up taking off so much makeup I didn’t even realise was still on my face. I’ll definitely be purchasing a larger bottle of this in the future, they’re only like $15 for a big bottle which I’d say is well worth it!

Miscellaneous: This month I read Animal Farm by George Orwell who is one of my favourite writers! I picked this book up from Eliot’s Bookstore in downtown Toronto and it’s quite small and simple looking, a kind of book you can just pop in your bag and read at a coffee shop which I LOVE! The book itself is a little dark, but Orwell writes so well it’s so easy to read even though the content is a bit shocking. Definitely an eye opening book that I would recommend if you are into history or literature! Not a super causal read, but not a super serious read either. I quite liked it so I thought I’d add it in my faves!

There you have it folks, those are all my favourite things from the month of November! If you would like to watch my video go ahead and hit the play button below, hope you enjoy!

xx Sabrina

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