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Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to make this post for awhile I’ve just been putting it off with all the business of the holiday season! Motivated by one of Zoella’s 24 days of Christmas videos, I thought I would share my own Christmas wrapping with my blogger friends this week! I really love to get creative with my Christmas wrapping, I feel like a little extra effort goes a long way and everyone loves finding a beautifully wrapped gift under the tree!

I picked up the wrapping paper for $5 at Walmart, but if you’re going out looking for some maybe look elsewhere… For $5 this wrapping paper kind of stinks, tape doesn’t stick to it very well and it’s kind of hard to bend, and there’s not very much of it at all! I ran out after only three presents wrapped and had to go back for more. They didn’t have this holly wrapping paper anymore so I opted for some Christmas tree paper instead. Unfortunately I had already made my tags so they didn’t match all the presents 🙁

Since it’s still mostly brown paper it’s not too obviously different at least. For the tags I cut out little tag shapes from the cardboard boxes that my presents came in. I then wrapped each in the scraps of wrapping paper that I had left over, then cut out a little rectangle, flipped it over to the white side of the paper and glued it down. I hole punched the holes on the end and then got out my calligraphy set to write the names on, unfortunately since I was using wrapping paper the ink bled a little bit, but it still looks cute and homemade I think!

I tied them together with twine that I bought at Dollarama for- you guessed it, $1!! I love the twine addition, it just gives it a cute rustic vibe to go with the homemade quality. It’s also super flexible and easy to wrap with, and like Zoella said in her video, you can easily double up on wrap arounds or tie in cute additions with it! In her video she added things like cinnamon sticks and oranges which I thought was adorable, but would definitely be eaten by my dogs if I’d put them on mine hahah!

Let me know if you got crafty with your wrapping and what you did to individualise it! I’m always looking for new ideas for next year! Happy holidays,

xx Sabrina

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