Food | The Lockhart (Toronto)

Hi guys!! For some reason this originally posted but then somehow ended up in my drafts afterwards and I didn’t realise until now! SO sorry about that, here’s a little review of ‘The Lockhart’, a Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto.

I go to Toronto a lot, and often end up doing a lot of the same things, so this time I really wanted to branch out.As soon as I heard about The Lockhart I made plans with my sister to go. On the Internet it’s know as “the Harry Potter bar”. In reality, it’s a nice (small) little pub with a Harry Potter Motif- Harry Potter themed decor and drinks. I explained it to my mom like this – it’s not like going to a bar that’s all about Harry Potter, it’s like stepping into the world of Harry Potter and going for a casual drink.


Menu: (n/a) I didn’t have time to get anything to eat, we were on a bit of a timeline to get home at a good hour so we could get up early. But I will say this, The Lockhart has some very delicious looking dishes that I would have indulged in if I’d had the time.

Drinks: 5/5 The drinks here were super good. I had the one called ‘The Botanist’, which I’m ashamed to say I forgot to take a picture of, but it was very well made. You could tell that each drink had been well thought out, and made with care by the very friendly bartenders. They also were served in cute glasses that went along with the aesthetic of the bar.

Atmosphere & Decor: 5/5 I was very impressed by this aspect of the bar. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of how geeky it would be but it was actually just incredible comfortable and cool. There were both nerdy type and not so nerdy types queuing up to get in because it’s got more to it than just a ‘Harry Potter bar’. Every aspect of the place had thought put into it from the decor, to the drinks and menu, right down to the bartenders who I noticed had some subtle Harry Potter themed tattoos. The subtlety of the Harry Potter motif was key, it was enough to satisfy the nerd in all of us, but not too much to keep the not so nerdy drinkers away. All in all, it was a very comfortable atmosphere, I don’t think anyone there felt out of place, everyone from the bartenders to the bouncer to the other people hanging out there were very friendly.

Price: 3/5 The prices for the drinks were by no means cheap, but they were also not at all what I would consider expensive. It was a fair price considering the kind of drink you ordered, and I didn’t mind paying a little more for a drink as it was such a nice place to be. I will also add that there was no cover fee which was really nice.

Seats available: 2.5/5 This is all dependent on what you want out of the place. We waited outside for about 20 minutes, but as the bouncer told us we were very lucky as we happened to be there on the same night as a big Jays game. On a non-game night he said most people wait an hour/hour and a half. This is because it’s a very small venue, and once you do get in you don’t really want to leave, they serve good food and drink and it would be easy to spend a lot of time there. That being said I ask you to consider that the owners did not expect this kind of response. The Lockhart has received a lot of good press which owes to it’s business. I don’t think an increased size venue would hurt the atmosphere, but I also don’t think that it’s necessary, it is a little busy right now but once the hype dies down a bit I think it would be more manageable. Also the bouncer is very good about trying to find you a place to sit ASAP, and keeping you entertained while you’re waiting.

All in all it was a super awesome way to spend my Friday night, even if I had to squeeze it in. I’m very glad my sister and I decided to go in the end and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Let me know if you’ve been/ if you’d like to go or if you have any questions! I’d be happy to answer! 🙂





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