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Hi guys! It’s been awhile, I hope you’ve all had great holidays! I haven’t been able to create my Christmas gifts and boxing day shopping hauls as I’ve got about half my extended family staying at my house at the moment, so things are crazy busy and crowded! I will have a ‘What I Got for Christmas & Boxing Day Haul’ video on my YouTube channel (, so head over there if you’d like to watch that! I may end up splitting them up and doing one part on my YouTube and one part on here, I’ll figure it out! In the meantime I’ve been working on my resolutions, it’s been a few years since I’ve done them! There’s a few things I’ve thought of that I want to put down in writing to remind myself throughout the year.

  1. Firstly, and more importantly to you, I’d like to focus more on my “online presence” throughout the new year. This just means sticking to a schedule for my YouTube channel (new videos on Sundays), and updating my blog once a week, as well as building up a more of a presence on Tumblr and Instagram. I find that I actually really like being a part of the online world, it just stresses me out sometimes because I don’t have enough structure to what I’m doing!
  2. More organisation!! Applying to the rest of my life as well. I always have trouble motivating myself for school, but I find it so much easier when I have structure and plans for assignments and studying. It’s something I really neglect when it comes to school but always do for every other part of my life (work/friends/travel), so this year I’d like to extend my planning to school as well and hopefully that helps!
  3. More “me” time. Maybe this is because for the past week I’ve been crammed in a tiny room with my two older sisters BUT it’s something I’ve realised I’ve lost touch with. I find that after a break up I’m super motivated to be independent and try new things and do things to reflect upon myself- part of the whole ‘figuring out who you are’ again phase. Like I’ve said, I haven’t been in touch with this in a loooong time and it really takes a toll! I’m not a very religious person so it’s hard to balance the spiritual aspect of my life without taking time to do these kinds of things, and when I don’t have enough balance in my life I get waaaay out of whack. So obviously it’s one of my resolutions.
  4. Make more friends!!! Most of my close friends I made in high school or before. I’m only in 2nd year university now, but since I met them before university, a lot of them went away for uni so I can get quite lonely during the school semesters. Also, I’ve never been very good at making friends, I’m friendly with people I’m just not the kind of person that other people try to make friends with for some reason, so if I want to make friends I have to do a lot of the work. It takes a lot to ask people you don’t know very well to hang out and to try and build a friendship and now that I have quite a few good friends I kind of stopped caring so much about doing that, but I think this year I want to put myself back out there! (Friendship-wise).
  5. Save! Your! Money! Ahhhh! This one is so important- I’m such a materialistic- retail therapy prone person. It’s awful for me and for my wallet; I need to start saving for Uni tuition next year so this is one I really want to work on next year. Now that Christmas is over I should (hopefully) be able to get back on top of my savings and get started on tuition so I don’t have to worry about it all summer! The glamorous life of a student, sigh.

know there’s another resolution I have but I can’t seem to think of it right now! Comment below what your new year’s resolutions are/what they have been in the past and if you have any advice!

xx Sabrina



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