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Aloha pals! Recently these type of posts have been my favourite to read, so I thought, why not add my two cents into the mix (even though I hadn’t scheduled writing this post). I don’t know about everyone who wrote this kind of post but it was super hard for me to narrow down my makeup favourites for a YEAR! So the following items are things that I loved a lot throughout 2015, some are tried and trusted products I’ve been using for years and some are new additions to my collection. I’ve broken them down into the classic makeup categories: Face, Eyes, Lips.


Sephora’s Cream Blush in ‘Coral Flush #2’: I picked this up in an American Sephora store at the beginning of my summer and I’ve never looked back. I actually used to use Maybelline’s cream-based blushers until I ran out while on my trip and picked this one up. Those are a great alternative to this, but this blush was actually only $9 USD which I thought was a great price. I wear it every day, applying it with a brush and I’ve still got quite a bit left. I also just really love a coral blusher as I think it goes great with my skin tone. This is the kind of product I put on every day no matter what my makeup situation is and I feel like it makes the world of a difference!


Too Faced ‘Born this Way’ Foundation in Porcelain: I won’t drag on about this because I’m sure you’ve heard about it before. I picked it up because I’d read countless testimonials that this was the best stuff, and I can’t argue with that. It’s my first ever higher-end product and I’m very pleased with it. This foundation gives great coverage without being too heavy and it leaves my skin feeling so so SO soft!

Dior’s ‘Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer’: I accidentally picked this up in the late summer while looking for a different product by Dior, and getting this one instead (by accident). I wasn’t put off by the price (around $50) just because I had gone out looking for the other product which was around the same. Honestly, I love Dior makeup, if I could afford it I would have way more of it. My favourite things about this product is that it smells amazing, it goes on excellently and could be used as a highlighter in itself, and the fact that I use the teeniest tiniest amount. The amount that you need to use on a daily basis in comparison to this price is amazing and the biggest reason I would buy it again. Quality items like this tend to have enough perks to them that make the price worth it!


Quo’s Face Contour Brush: Quo is a brand by Shopper Drug Mart, the main source of makeup in my hometown. They are a bit pricier but I picked this one up at the beginning of the year when contouring was starting to pick up as a trend. I love this brush, I’ve gotten other contour brushes by Sephora and Too Faced but none compare to this one. It’s my tried and trusted contour brush that I use almost every single day!

Nars Brow Gel in ‘Piraeus’: I wasn’t sure if I should put this under eyes or face… oh well! If you follow my YouTube channel or have read some of my older beauty posts you know I love this stuff. I picked it up when I first heard about it around the end of the summer. One of my biggest makeup pet-peeves is when brows get ruffled or out of place so I hardly ever go a day without this stuff!

A Collection of Tarte’s Highlight, Bronzer, and Blush: I ordered this palette from Tarte at the end of the summer when I started up my YouTube channel. It caught my eye because of the great value ($70 for a $400 value), it has a basic eyeshadow palette and a seperate little palette for face powders and a few more eyeshadows. The highlight and bronzer in this extra palette are a dream. I don’t know why you don’t hear about Tarte’s contouring products more often because they are the BEST. The highlight is glowy without being too sparkly, and the contour is subtle and soft.


Maybelline’s Master Precise by EyeStudio Eyeliner: I have been using this eyeliner since I was in grade 10, it’s my all time favourite drug store eyeliner. I love the felt tip end, it makes it infinitely easier to draw on your winged eyeliner, I haven’t purchased another eyeliner in years for this reason! It’s affordable and works great, but I can’t seem to find it anymore so maybe 2016 is time to move on… If you see it in your local drug store PICK IT UP! It’s the best.

Sephora’s Eyeshadow Brush: I picked this up at the beginning of the summer in a package of eye brushes by Sephora that came with a little makeup bag, unfortunately they were on sale because they’ve since been discontinued. 🙁 I’m sure you could still find the same style of brush from Sephora now! It’s the best brush for coverage. I’ve learned to always apply the base of my eyeshadow with this brush, it always goes on exactly how I want it and sets me up for success!

A Collection of Tarte’s Eyeshadows: The Tarte Palette lives on (except at Sephora)! By Christmas this product had been sold out at Sephora, but you can still find the individual products featured in it from there! After purchasing this I’m 100% a Tarte fanatic. The eyeshadows go on great and maintain their colour well, and there’s a good mix of tones and colours, and sparkles and matte shadows featured. This is quite easily something I use every day for my eye makeup, and it’s helped me evolve and learn more about trying new colours and mixing things up!


Lucas Pawpaw Ointment: Okay. I talk about this too much. Basically, if you haven’t heard me say it before, I use it as a lip balm because I have horribly chapped lips and it works like a dream. It’s also good for under a matte lipstick so it doesn’t dry out too quickly.

‘Favourite Red’ in the Dior Rouge Collection: My mom bought me this lipstick for Christmas … quite a few years ago now that I think about it hahah! It was my first ever high end product, and I cherished it. It really, truly is the favourite red lipstick. The colour is velvety and smooth without drying out your lips or flaking after a few hours. It’s my favourite and is a classic item that I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying.

‘Cruella’ in the Nars Lip Pencil Collection: Sephora gave out this mini lip pencil to members during their birthday month. Before I got it there, my mom got me one while I was in New York (thanks mom!). I wear this with my Dior Rouge to achieve the perfect red lip, and a red lip is classic. This lip pencil perfectly outlines the lip and mixes fantastically with the lipstick to make sure it doesn’t move around too much. The product is as classic as the look that goes with it, and is also one I will keep purchasing.

‘Verve’ in MAC’s Satin Range: Would my list be complete without at least one MAC lipstick? No. There are two things I love about this lipstick: 1) The colour is a lovely brown-nude, and complements my skin tone so well. 2) The Satin range of lipsticks at MAC are my favourite because I have rather dry lips and they’re not too matte that they dry my lips out. I got this at Macy’s in New York, it took me about 1/2 an hour to pick it out and I picked it out because it reminded me of a Kylie Jennerlip colour. Now, it’s very similar to her Lip Kit in Brown (just sayin). It’s more on the trendy side, but because it suits my skin tone so well I think it’s something I can keep wearing once the trend has passed!


You may have noticed one other item in my pictures that I haven’t mentioned yet.. That’s the NARS Pencil Sharpener. It was $9 at Sephora, it was worth it. As time moves on we’re going to be getting more and more products in the larger pencil shape, right now I have quite a few lip pencils and a couple of pencil concealers. I have 0 complaints about this pencil sharpener, it’s easy to use, it was cheap, and it does a really great job. I put this in because it was something I used all the time and I think it’s something more of us are going to have to be investing in as makeup evolves!

There you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed this read, let me know in the comments below if you have any products you think I should try out in 2016, or if you have anything to add on the ones I’ve mentioned above! Happy New Year!




    • Thanks, it’s amazing!! I’ve used it in a couple of YouTube looks on my channel if you’re interested in checking them out its at!

  1. That’s a great post! I can only imagine how hard it was to pick out only few products of all of your favourites. Do you have a favourite mascara also? Adryana xoxo

  2. Thanks for the like on my 2015 favorites post! I’m a Tarte fanatic as well, but I couldn’t justify buying that palette when I just got the Tartelette ones! I guess that can be considered Adult Prioritizing??

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