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Hi guys! As a part of my New Years Resolution I thought I would start a new segment on my blog called “What I Ate Today.” This is for those of you out there who, like me, want to get healthier this year. I’m not really counting my progress in lbs or looks but more in how my new diet and exercise helps my feel! This isn’t strictly about food, it’s just all the things I’ve eaten and what I’ve done to get exercise today! I’m hoping that as I write it, I’ll be motivated to be more active and eat less junk!

To start off I’ll give you some background, (if you don’t really care just skip this paragraph) my physical appearance is not reflective of my physical and mental health. I look a lot better than I really am and that’s misleading for me and many other people. It also makes me less motivated to change because I already look okay, but I don’t really feel okay. I’m a vegetarian so often I lack in iron and protein if I’m not taking care of my diet. Recently I’ve found out I’m lactose intolerant as well, and I’ve heard of the benefits cutting out dairy has so I’m trying to jump on that bandwagon. What really motivated this movement in my lifestyle is I feel like CRAP. I’m always outrageously sleepy, always having headaches, always lacking energy. It makes it really hard to live a full life when you feel like that all the time so I thought I better try and figure out how to fix it!

8:00 am – Breakfast, a piece of toast with jam on it, and a cup of hot black tea. (Realising the toast might have also had butter on it – my sister made it- as my tummy is now starting to hurt)

8:40 am – Just remembered that drinking water is a thing I’m supposed to do, starting my first bottle of water for the day!

1:00 pm – Lunch. I’ve been in class all morning and I’m pretty hungry. One of the big tips for dieting is not to eat unless you’re actually hungry, which I do waaaay too often. When I got home I had leftover potatoes that I made last night, and a small smoothie bowl for a little dessert! Smoothie bowls are my favourite, this one had apple sauce, frozen mixed berries, a tbsp of peanut butter and some water just so it mixes a bit better. I topped it with some almonds, ground flax and chocolate chips. YUM 😋It was kind of hard to make because we don’t have too many veggies in the house, for a really healthy smoothie bowl you’re looking at 70% veggies, 30% fruit! Also a bit hard to substitute dairy, usually I just use lactose free milk but we’ve run out of that as well Hahah.

3:03 pm – Snack. I have another class in an hour and I’m feeling pretty sleepy, time for another cup of tea. (I stick to tea instead of coffee because it has less caffeine and ya girl’s got anxiety problems. Espresso coffee- the only kind in my house- is a no-go for me).

5:38 pm – Dinner. I got home from my class around 5:15 and I was super hungry so I ate a cookie (no regrets, white macadamia nut if you’re wondering), and a protein bar that I forgot to bring to my morning class. I’m having a stir fry, just veggies – celery, bell pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, and plain white rice. YUM. Thanks mom.

I’m going for a walk after dinner just to unwind from my day, then I’ve got a blog post to write and a lot of reading for school to do so I’m going to end my post here! Here’s a heads up – I get really snacky at night, so this probably won’t be entirely everything I eat today but I’m going to really try not to eat unless I’m actually hungry! Also, a super lowkey day in terms of exercise, but it’s my first week back at school, and I get SAD in the winter time so I’m just taking it easy! Hopefully that’ll pick up some more in the weeks to come.

Thanks for reading, this is a beta run, so let me know if you have any tips/what you think in the comments below! If you like it I’ll continue, and try to post one of these once a week, hopefully with some pictures to go along with it, so keep your eyes open for more!

xx Sabrina

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