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Hello everyone! I hope you all had lovely holidays and are well rested up to start the New Year. I decided to split this post between my YouTube channel and blog just to make it a bit more manageable. Here’s my “What I Got for Christmas” video 🙂

Now for boxing day! I really wanted to pick up a couple more sweaters, and to get a Daniel Wellington watch during the Boxing Day sales. I put in two orders, one at Urban Outfitters, and the other at Daniel Wellington 🙂

At Urban Outfitters I picked out two new sweaters, both cardigan-type, one more athletic and the other a classic cardigan. I also picked up a little polaroid picture album which is adorable, and a cute crop little crop top. At the time they had a $20 off $100 offer, on top of that I only bought things on sale (which I always do because hello!!! I’m a poor student).

The first sweater I picked out is the Silence & Noise Seoul hooded cardigan (here), in grey, originally $59- on sale for $39. I love this sweater. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. It’s fleecy on the outside but not so much so that it’s too warm. I love the athletic-chic look, and I really think it’ll pick up even more in the spring so I’m very happy about this purchase! If I had more money I would seriously consider getting the green too.

The next sweater I picked out was BDG’s Classic Fisherman cardigan (here), in ivory, originally $79 – now $39. This one is a steal, it’s just a classic looking cardigan that I know I’m going to end up wearing all year long. I got it in ivory for that reason, it’s a staple piece that I can wear each season as opposed to a yellow or red that’s too harsh for some seasons. I have one cardigan from UO already, and it’s probably one of the pieces of clothing I get the most wear out of so even though $39 isn’t necessary cheap, it’s cheaper and it’s worth it. I haven’t worn this cardigan yet but I’ve already put some outfits together in my head!

The last piece of clothing I got was a crop top. I was a bit nervous about this one but it looks like something I’ve been looking for! I don’t have very many “going out” tops, I tend to stick to classic Ts and stripes, sue me. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute crop top that goes with a lot of outfits still, and this one was on sale for $19 (no longer on sale). I was nervous that it might not fit me- it’s one of those awkward ones you can’t wear a bra with so I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. I went with a size small, not too sure if it would fit my waist let alone my boobs, but it was a match made in heaven! God Bless.

It was the kind of top you open and try on right away. Needless to say, that’s why I’m wearing leggings with it and my room is a mess. It fit way better than expected so I was super excited and snapped some pics to send to my friends being like “LOOK. LOOK HOW THE GODS HAVE BLESSED ME. THANKS @ JESUS.” You know? I hope you know what I mean.

(Don’t be fooled by flattering angles that make me seem thinner than I am- don’t compare yourself to this it is not really how I look 99.9% of the time – unless I’m making that pose).

Don’t worry! I’m going to show you my polaroid photo album too because I know you’re super excited about that! It was $6 (here). I got it in pink because I’ve been embracing my feminine side recently and that was what made the deciding factor when I couldn’t. It fit all my polaroids perfectly and I’m seriously considering getting more of these ’cause they’re AWESOME. The majority of the pictures I take are on my fujifilm polaroid or on my phone, and I rarely get the ones on my phone developed, and my polaroids are always laying around… Now I have a cute little photo album to add to my big ones of all the best moments, because that’s really the only time I whip the camera out! SO happy with it.

Lastly, I know you’re wondering about the Daniel Wellington watch. I did buy one, in fact I got two straps for it because I was feeling richer than I am. Don’t fret my friends, you’ll get to read all about it! I have a post scheduled to go up the 18th that’s an in depth review of my watch, as well as the others in the DW collection and let’s you know everything you want or need to know if you’re thinking about getting one! Also good if you’re reading this and have NO idea what I’m talking about. Check it out, it’ll be under

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Let me know what you think in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!!

xx Sabrina


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