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Hi guys, hope you all had a great NYE! One of the things I picked up on Boxing Day was a DW watch which I thought I’d give it’s own post because they’re so trendy and a bit pricey.

About my watch: I picked out the smaller size that they offer, called “classy” because I have quite small wrists and I prefer a small, dainty looking watch. I browsed around, decided I wanted a leather band, and picked the ‘Classy York’, which is a darker leather and looks a bit scaled. You can see it here. they have the option of either silver or rose gold on the watch itself, though I’m much more partial to silver I decided to go with rose gold just because I felt like it looked nicer with the bands I picked. I then decided to pick out a second band, because I was so torn between the leather and cloth options and I had saved a bit of money. I went with the ‘Glasgow’ band, which is blue and white. I really wanted the ‘Canterbury’ one but it only goes with the Classic sized watches, sigh.

Price: I bought mine online, on my phone, directly from the Daniel Wellington website. The “Classy” sized watches are smaller and thus a bit cheaper ($145 compared to Classic  $199). On top of that I used Zoella’s promo code (Zoella) for 15% off. The 15% off applied to both the watch and the additional wristband which was nice. They also had free gift wrapping and free express shipping which I thought was phenomenal! I had to pay about $50 in duties still but that was easier since I didn’t have to pay for the shipping itself. Also, it’s free express shipping, so it shipped from Sweden to my front door in Canada in a little over 3 days, travelling to Denmark and the USA on the way. If you’re looking to buy one, don’t do it without a promo code! DW is super popular right now and they know it, so they’re advertising through all kinds of Instagram users. I’ve seen about 5 different ones on my feed alone, so look around before you buy! They’re expensive so it’s worth it.

Ease of Access: They’re super easy to get straight off the website, I wouldn’t trust a third party seller. When I bouught mine I tried it on both my phone and laptop and for some reason it was about $10 cheaper on my phone so obviously I bought it there. I’m not sure what made the difference, I think maybe my promo code was applied to the whole purchase on my phone. Either way, I always consider a website or store extremely accessible if I can purchase things through my phone. Also, they organise express shipping and shipping notifications to your email all for you which was very nice! They’re very prompt at letting you know your purchase has gone through/package has shipped and whatnot- another perk of purchasing a luxury item!

Quality: Daniel Wellington watches may be trendy, but they’re still quite a luxury item. The quality of my watch is better than expected, it has cute little DW detailing on the bands and the watch itself. It has all of the attributes of a higher quality item, including packaging! With your purchase you get a lovely leather lined box to keep your watch in while you’re not wearing it. You can tell the makers put a lot of effort into creating a quality item.

Classy vs Classic sizes: My sister bought a DW earlier this year, hers is the Classic Sheffield watch. She, like me, has smaller wrists and I have noticed that the larger size can look a bit bulky, still nice nonetheless but this is what pushed me to get the Classy (along with price). When I first put on my watch I was afraid it might not fit! When you first get the watch the straps obviously haven’t been worn in and can be quite stiff. I have quite small wrists and I wear my Classy with the clasp at about halfway on the band. I think with time, as it wears in, I might have to tighten it a bit. If you don’t have smaller wrists you 100% should opt for the Classic size, they are pricier but they’re just as lovely!


Classy vs Classic detailing: The diameter of the watch is 26mm as opposed to 36mm, and the bands are smaller proportionally. The biggest difference I noted other than size was that the Classy watches have little crystals instead of a stripe of gold to mark the hour. It’s just a bit more feminine and cutesy, which is more my style.

The Grace: There is a third type of DW watch for women called “Grace”, these watches are the most expensive at $229, they’re the same size as the Classic but they are only offered in a combination of leather-cloth wristbands, and the watch uses a combination of Roman Numerals and gold stripes for the hour. Just thought I’d mention it to let you know all their options in case you’re interested!

Overall I’m delighted with my purchase! My cheaper watch from Urban Outfitters which I’ve had for maybe a year broke during one of my exams, which made me look at getting a new one. I kept seeing bloggers and YouTubers that I trust endorse DW so  I thought I would check it out and I’m very pleased with my experience with them! I just wanted a watch that is of quality and will last because I am one of those people who wears a watch daily. I don’t mind spending a bit extra for all of the great service and quality, and for something that I can trust will last!

I hope you find this review helpful, I’ll certainly update it if I come to hear of anything else about DW that’s relevant! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you have any comments/concerns!

xx Sabrina



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