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Aloha pals! Here begins my little segment on spring looks to try out this upcoming season. First up, lipsticks. I looked through my collection and picked out three of my favourites for spring, I really tried to pick colours that varied a lot from each other, so that there’s something for everyone!

First up is my Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in a lavender colour. I got this for Christmas last year (I think…), so I won’t be able to link you to where you can buy one. I found this one online and my mom had to search and search before she could find a place to buy it because the one I found didn’t ship to Canada. 🙁 Basically – the idea is a deep purple, but not a dark purple. This is the perfect balance, I found it because Perrie from Little Mix put out a lipstick when they did their makeup range, and I love it, this is the one I’m talking about here. I just think it’s a bit more of a ‘fun’ lipstick colour, but still fits in with colour trends for this spring. I would wear this one as the statement of my look – as in a bold lip instead of a bold eye, just like Perrie hahahah! I’ve tried wearing it with a bold eye look but it just ends up looking like too much.

Second is The Body Shop’s lipstick in ‘Sunset Romance’. THAT NAME THOUGH. It’s a bit more of a matte lip, which I had to add in because I know people love that stuff. It’s just a really nice coral-ish colour, it reminds me of days on holiday by the sea. It’s something I would throw on if I was going for a really natural, glowy/rosy look. CUTE. I would throw this one on when I’m not wearing any makeup at all, or one of those days you just put on a bit of concealer and mascara. It really adds to that kind of natural look.


The last lipstick is a nude colour, which of course I had to have at least one nude colour. This is my all time favourite nude, it’s the perfect mix between brown and pink, and it looks super natural and muted, something I would throw on with a little winged eyeliner or a bolder eye look. It’s ‘Hug Me’ from MAC’s Lustre range, so it’s super smooth and very moisturising which I love, especially around this time of year when your lips are trying to recover from a dry winter.

Here’s a swatch of what each colour looks like. The Body Shop one (2nd) has a bit of a shimmer in it, and is the most matte of the three. The other two glide on super smoothly, the D&G lipstick is my favourite in terms of texture – slides on nicely but still has a more matte look to it! Hope this little ‘Spring Lipstick Looks’ was interesting, I’ll have some more Spring looks coming your way soon!

xx Sabrina



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