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Friends! It’s been awhile since I posted something non-beauty related, and I was just looking through my pictures and came across the some from the conservatory! This is my absolute favourite place in the city. Whenever I’m there I feel like I’m in another world. I’m Alice in Wonderland. It’s perfect.


The conservatory is filled with plants and vibrantly coloured flowers from all over the planet. It’s lovely because you can visit this little oasis at any time of the year, and feel like you’re in another world. I love going in the Spring when it’s raining out, it puts me in the best mood for some brightness.


It’s always so light and warm inside, and despite being rather small, they have an impressive variety of plants and flowers. Look at this picture compared to the one before, they almost look like completely different places!


These remain to be some of my favourite polaroids that I’ve ever taken, it looks like I popped into one of my favourite books and took a shot of the scenery. MAGICAL. Also look at my platinum blonde hair and cry with me because I miss it so much.


I feel like these pictures speak for themselves, and that if you ever find yourself in Thunder Bay you take time to visit this magical place. Or, check to see if you have a conservatory in your own city! I’m not sure how common they are, but I only discovered our own when I was in high school and it has quickly become my happy place.



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