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Hi friends! I wanted to write a post about my favourite trends that are up and coming thisvilloid x3 Spring/Summer season. Firstly, I need to talk about this app.
Basically, it was developed by Alexa Chung (and others obv, but she’s how I found it), and it’s kind of like a polyvore, you can put together outfits from all kinds of articles of clothing and accessories. Everything on this app is documented, you knowwhich brand it is, how much it costs, etc. and can purchase it straight from the app. There are tons of higher end brands who have put most of their pieces on here, which is probably my favourite part. BUT! There are also some brands like H&M on there. 

villoid alexaContent: Like I said, it’s mostly higher end brands. Some people might see this as a drawback, because they can’t afford the pieces. I actually prefer the fact that I can’t spend money on the app because a. I would spend way too much, and b. I find that it lets me be more creative with my own style and clothing. I can make boards of different shirts that I like and styles that I’m into and then go back and look at them while I’m shopping to give me some kind of direction. I find that this has led me to find lower-end, more affordable pieces that I not only love, but can already picture myself wearing in multiple outfits.

Ease of Access: It’s super easy to sign up for Villoid! I have an iPhone so I’m not sure how it works on other smartphones (soz). You just head over to the app store and download it, it’s free 🙂 Once you’ve downloaded it, you can either sign up with an email and password, or through Facebook. I honestly forget which I’ve done, I just stay logged in on my phone hahaha. Also, I never get emails from them which I really like, because I hate when I sign up for a website or app and they constantly bombard my inbox just because I’ve given my email. I signed up for this app as soon as it came out (when Alexa tweeted about it), so my username is just @sabrina. How funny is that?! I feel so special.

Ease of Use: I was wrong- this is my favourite part of the app. It’s SO well organised and simple to use, everything has been categorized, the search bar is organised to help you find what you’re looking for. It’s laid out a lot like Instagram, so it’s fairly easy to figure out. You can use it to make collages for social media, uploading your own pictures, or for making outfit boards, mood boards, boring old boards with just your favourite shirts/jackets/skirts of a season. It’s awesome.

The one drawback I can think of is that it’s sometimes a bit slow to load things. I mean, it’s not incredibly slow, but if you have a newer iPhone you’re probably used to instant-loading, so it can get annoying if you hit the wrong button. 🙁

If you have never heard of Villoid, I hope you take this review as a recommendation to try it out! It’s honestly one of my favourite apps on my phone, and it makes shopping so much less stressful for me (I always get to the shops and instantly forget my personal style). Also, I’m going to be writing a post on my Favourite Fashion Trends of S/S 16, which will feature boards I created on this app. It also will be mostly based on trends I picked up from this app and reading Vogue online (they upload entire fashion shows basically as they happen, if you haven’t looked at some you are missing out!)

Hope you enjoyed! xx Sabrina


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