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Hi guys! Unfortunately for me it’s that time of the year where flu season really kicks in. 🙁 For the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling a bit off, but it wasn’t until this weekend (conveniently when I decided to film my first vlog) that they really took off. I wanted to share with you some of my go-to at home remedies to help out those of you who may have also caught a cold! 

First and by far my favourite remedy is a homemade cold/flu tea. These come in all shapes and sizes, ideally including some lemon or orange (or both), some honey to soothe your throat, some ginger to settle your tummy, and some spices. Honestly, if you google “homemade cold/flu tea remedy” you’ll be able to find one you like. I usually go with the classic freshly squeezed lemon and honey, but recently I’ve popped in a bit of cinnamon too which I quite like.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of rest while you’re feeling sick, your body needs time to recover. I always like to have a hot water bottle to snuggle up with and help keep me warm (especially when there’s a fever involved). I know some people don’t like hot water bottle but even a warm magic bag or electrically heated blanket can make such a difference!

In terms of food, soup is a classic sickness remedy for good reason! You want to be eating foods with lots of nutrition and water to offset dehydration. I know for myself, I really don’t feel like eating at all when I’m sick. My mouth is always dry and everything tastes gross. 🙁 But it’s really important to make sure you’re eating enough, and being as healthy as possible. Your body can’t get well without proper nutrition!

Bath time! My second favourite remedy. When I have time (for example, today) one of these baths really gets me ready for my day and helps me clear things up so I’m able to function best! A hot bath with Epsom salts – or baking soda if you haven’t got any salts, a good candle, and some eucalyptus oil around the tub works a dream. Currently what I am doing and I can say the eucalyptus oil makes a world of a difference! The steam of the bath picks it up with it and fills the room and clears your nose/eyes. I feel a lot better already 😊cold x2

A good Neti pot- I had never heard of this until one of my friends casually mentioned it to a sick me a couple years back. I had no idea what she was talking about, growing up we always used a saltwater mixture to clear our sinuses which I HATED. I still refuse to use one today. Not worth it. Apparently, a Neti pot is just filled with regular warm water, poured in one nostril and clears out through the other side… Still sounds unpleasant but I’d rather that than saltwater.

Use an oil for any kind of irritation from having a runny nose or blowing it too often. When I was younger we used Vitamin E oil which worked a DREAM! It’s a thicker oil so it really sticks and stays on even if you blow your nose over again. Now I just use any old face oil just so it doesn’t clog any pores. I’m sure coconut oil would work just as well, though I find it really doesn’t stay on long enough.

Sweat it out! If you feel up to a walk, get going! Just make sure you’re dressed warmly enough and keep hydrated. If you don’t feel up for exercise, try and get into a sauna where you can sweat out some of those toxins and clear up your sinuses, it helps so much. But again, make sure you’re rehydrating!

More than anything else I’ve said, just take care of yourself. It’s so easy to get lazy when you’re feeling lousy and omit every day routines but don’t. Don’t let a cold get in the way of brushing your teeth or having a shower or making some food. Taking care of yourself is #1 priority when you’re sick, eat healthy and make sure you’re drinking water!!!!!*sigh* I miss the days when my mom would take care of me. Being an adult sucks sometimes.

If this post finds you ill, I hope you get well soon! Leave a comment below on what your favourite at home remedies are, lord knows I need it. Quick apologies for the low-quality pictures, don’t really have the patience for it today hahah

xx Sabrina


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