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Hi guys! I’m very excited to tell you that I filmed my first ever vlog over the weekend. I was inspired by another blogger (LittlebyLaura) who has been starting up a Youtube account too! I really loved vlogging! Even though I was feeling really sick it was still a lot of fun.

You can watch it here:

Over the holidays my Youtube channel hit 300, which doesn’t seem like a lot but I really never thought I would get any so I’m really proud of that. I’ve been watching Youtubers for years and I always really wanted to do it but I never had the confidence to. I started a bit in high school but I was so embarrassed that someone at my school might find my account so I just deleted everything and gave it up for awhile. This year I got really into youtube videos again and I was just feeling really crap that I had given it up so I decided to get into it again! It’s really hard because I don’t have a good camera that even has the right dimensions for youtube, or a proper editor or lighting or microphone or anything that a real youtuber has because I just can’t afford it. I’m hoping that over time if I save enough money I can start picking up some things so I can take it more seriously.

I stopped filming for most of January because I was having a pretty hard time with seasonal depression, and I just kept thinking that my youtube was such a mess because I couldn’t afford any of the things I needed to make it nice. That, and watching Laura’s videos made me want to make my first vlog. I filmed it on my iPhone so it finally fits the screen which makes me unreasonably happy. It’s my first video of the new year and I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and if you have your own youtube channel comment below! I’m really looking for some other youtubers to bounce ideas off of and chat with about it because I’m the only person I really know who does this and it can be a bit difficult at times.

In the end, I’m really happy I decided not to care what people thought of my channel because I really do enjoy it! If you’ve been thinking about doing youtube videos but don’t feel confident enough, I hope you do it! I 100% support you and I want you to know that! Don’t let people hold you back from doing things that make you happy!

xx Sabrina


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