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Hi friends!! I’m so excited to finally be writing this post, after building up to it a bit with my Spring Lipstick Looks, and Spring Nail Look posts! I made all of my collages used in this post on the Villoid app (which I did a review of that you can read here, and you can follow me on if you would like – I’m @sabrina). Any other pictures I used I unfortunately don’t have the exact source for as I just started saving them from Tumblr and Villoid. 

I would like to start off by saying, I am in no way a professional in this area. I’m just very passionate about fashion and style, and I like to look at new trends and kind of keep up with them, honestly, I just really like it. I was especially excited about some of the trends I started seeing in Spring/Summer 16 collections so I decided I wanted to write a post about the ones that I love. If you want a full coverage on all Spring/Summer 16 trends, I suggest you click herewhich will bring you to Vogue’s very in depth review of runway trends. There are so many of them that I’m sure you could find something you like to try out this Spring!

In this post I will be focusing on only my personal favourite trend, but I’m first going to give a little rundown of the basics. Just a heads up, these are mostly based on colour schemes/prints, because I tend to ignore any kind of cut trends (high necklines, boxy looks, etc), I know what kind of clothes I feel comfortable in and look good on me, so I just look for those! These basic trends are generally what I base my wardrobe off of, because realistically I can’t afford to be buying luxury pieces. I’m going to be going to H&M and Forever 21 and buying the trickled down pieces that are based off of these basic trends. SO! That’s mainly what I focus my own attention on, but I do want to talk a bit about the one trend I’m super excited about – Romance! *heart eye emoji*

Let’s start with the basics, because that’s probably the only thing that any of us can afford, and it’s the easiest thing to implement into your style. The biggest “basic” trend I’ve noticed is a shift away from floral prints. Not an entire movement, but a slight shift away from those small, busy looking floral prints towards larger more statement florals and spring decals (butterflys, bumblebees, etc). Along with this is, generally speaking, also a shift towards more deeply pigmented tones. There will still be pastel colours but less so, and more so only as a by product of the tone of the piece – a very girly or feminine looking sheer dress will no doubt have lighter pigments. However! We are seeing a lot more rich tones which I’m very excited about! Basically – there will still be some very cute pastel pieces but largely only with feminine, romantic looks, but there will be equally if not more deeply coloured colourblocked pieces.

I’ve also noticed blacks will also be incorporated but given a sheer fabric – with detailing – to give it a lighter look. (Black in spring?! I can hear angels singing.) By all means, if you don’t care about fashion trends and just wear whatever you like (I really don’t know why you’re reading this you must just really like me thank you), go for it! I always think people look the best when they’re comfortable and love what they’re wearing, don’t change your personal style to suit these trends. If you do like trends, just use them as a bit of a guideline on your usual personal style and maybe do a bit of experimenting! But never completely abandon what you like because fashion society as deemed it “out of style”.

spring trends
A Guide to Black this Spring (minus that 1 white shirt I just really liked it)

Romance is on the runway! This is the trend I’m probably the most excited for. I’ve always really loved that classical, romantic feel to fashion, think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly. This season I’m really starting to feel like some of the romance those classic looks are making a comeback!

Both of these dresses make me so happy inside. For awhile, I was really feeling like I had lost my personal taste and sense of style. I’ve always been really passionate about fashion so this was really hard for me, and I think it stemmed mostly from my reluctance to accept that I like really classically girly, pretty, feminine things now. I’ve never been that kind of person but it’s coming out in me! This season I’ve been seeing lots of pieces that have that classical romantic look to it that make my heart swoon. Also, the white dress above is a great example of the new move towards floral decals rather than prints. As you can see, the looks above have something very classically feminine to them, from the colours, right down to the lines and details. What’s interesting to me is how different designers are looking to present this on the body, the dress on the left is mixing a 70’s feel- which is another trend that we’re seeing (but I won’t be writing about) with the classic romantic look, and the dress on the right really doesn’t have that classically feminine fit. It does have a fitted waist and an A-line skirt, but the little tummy cut out (another trend) and fluffy materials bring it into it’s own age.

Above are some dresses I picked out on Villoid for some Spring inspiration, in them we see all the trends mentioned above, as well as the lingerie trend, another that I love, as well as the shimmer/sparkle trend, I’m less about the sparkle, more about the shimmer. On the right is a shirt from the Dior collection, which I thought was an excellent example of that mixing together of a classic feminine look with modern minimalism.

spring trends x3

I just thought I would show you a little set of 4 pieces that I put together on Villoid, that I thought would make really cute Spring outfits, and are classic enough to pair over and over again. These will be the kinds of things that I go out and look for, because I can’t afford to be buying something I can only wear once!

We didn’t talk about accessories, but here’s a little purse from Chloe’s S/S 16 collection that I adore. This purse is made from dreams. It has such a girly pink colour to it, but a bit more of a modern small satchel shape, and metal details and clasps to bring it even more so to the future. If I had tons of cash money I would be all over this.

I hope I didn’t let you down with this post!! Like I said, if you don’t have the same taste as me and these trends don’t suit your style, go look at Vogue! They have outlined 12 trends for this Spring, so there’s definitely something there for you! This was just what I was most excited about 🙂



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