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Hellllllloah friends! Today my sister posted her own bucket list blog post and inspired me to do the same! If you want to read her’s just click here. About 3 or 4 years ago one of my friends bought me a lovely little antique teapot for my birthday. I couldn’t use it for tea and I didn’t really like that it was just sitting collecting dust in my room. So, one day I was really fed up with my boring old life and I decided to write down my bucket list and keep it in my teapot so I could pull it out and add to it and such whenever I wanted. Since then I’ve started writing down things I would like to do on bits of paper and tossing it in. Today, I have lots and lots of paper and I’ve actually accomplished a few things as well! bucket list x1

Visit every continent:

Africa            North America            Australia

Asia                South America             Europe             Antarctica

Places to go:

Explore Patagonia

Visit Iceland

Visit Northern Europe

Visit family in Slovenia

Visit India

Visit Medieval Castles in Scotland

Visit South Korea

Visit friends in Ireland and Australia

Travel around the U.K.

Do a Trans-Siberian Rail Trip

Go back to Santorini

Go on a hiking trip

Go on a road trip with friendsbucket list

Travel Adventures: 

Walk up the Eiffel Tower

Go diving

Walk on the outside of the CN Tower, or Sydney Harbour Bridge

Go to the Met

Go to the Rjiksmusem

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Spend New Year’s Eve in NYC

See a Broadway play in NYC

Go to a music festival

Things to do:

Be in a play

Publish a piece of writing

Finish a whole large canvas painting

Get a degree

Buy a one way plane ticket out of Thunder Bay

Meet a lion

Get a tattoo

Adopt a cat or dog (or both. Adopt all the pets.)

Meet a celebrity

Study or work abroad

Concerts to go to:

Ed Sheeran

Ellie Goulding (not yet but soon!!!)

One Direction 

Arctic Monkeys

The 1975

Taylor Swift

The Wombats

I think I’ve officially fished through my entire collection of bucket list items. ** These goals are subject to change, some I’ve crossed off because I’ve done them and some I’ve crossed off because I’m not the same person who had those goals anymore. Strange. To be honest, the more I learn about history and especially art history, the more places and things that will be added to this list. On my original list, I was about 15 and there were things like “go to a house party”, “travel by yourself”, “make more friends”, “do well in school”. The first two I’ve ticked off by now, the second two are goals that have become so ingrained in who I am that they don’t really need to be listed anymore! As I cross off things that I’ve always really wanted to do, like go to the Met, or get a tattoo, I write on the back when I accomplished those things and who I was with, etc. and then I tape them up onto my wall. (My wall is kind of like a mood board.) It’s really cool to think once upon a time those were just things I fell asleep dreaming about (seriously, I did) and now they’re such a huge part of who I am! I can’t wait to see where the rest of this year takes me, maybe I’ll update this post as it and I change! 🙂 bucket list x2

Thanks so much for reading, leave something on your bucket list in the comments below, I’d love to hear some of the things you want to do (maybe you’ll inspire me to add something)! If you’ve ever done any of the things on my list I would love to hear what you thought about it too 🙂

xx Sabrina

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