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Aloha friendsies! Today is the beginning of a new collection of posts – celebrity style icons (for myself of course). I’ll be posting one of these each week featuring a different celebrity who’s style I either love or really respect. Disclaimer: all the pictures I use in this post are not my own and were found on Google images.

had to start with Taylor because she’s someone I never looked up to in terms of fashion before this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a fan of hers but I never really looked to her for fashion inspiration – until she moved to New York. One boring day last year I logged onto tumblr to find that my dashboard had been flooded with pictures of Taylor’s street style of the day, this was the picture I saw: tswift x8

This picture struck me because she was wearing the same outfit I had worn the day before, and was pretty uncomfortable wearing because I was afraid it looked stupid. This was the picture that made me look back at Taylor’s New York street style and realise how much she dressed like how I wanted to. Taylor Swift’s NYC street style circa 2014 and early 2015 is the epitome of my fashion sense. Her style has evolved since then as I’m sure you know, and I still love it but it’s definitely not the same as my own anymore so for the sake of this post I’m going to focus only that period (2014-2015) because it’s everything I love.


tswift x3
The “Paddington Bear” outfit

Taylor’s style at this time can only be described as modern classic and oh god I love it. Here are some more of my favourite looks –

tswift x6
Equestrian meets street chic
I love love LOVE plaid/tartan print detailing.

tswift x4tswift x5

Obviously, these are a lot of autumn/winter looks but the colours are so complimentary and the coats are adorable and the boots are SO classic that I can’t resist. This is how I hope to look every day when I leave my house. I went back to look and see if there were any more spring looks I like and now I’m so sad because Taylor Swift in New York city is everything I ever want to be- just LOOK.

tswift x12tswift x1tswift x10tswift x15

These kinds of looks are the ones that I look back to whenever I’m needing some fashion inspiration. I will 100% be coming back to this post to see what I wrote and styles I shared. It’s like Audrey Hepburn met a modern NYC hipster and they made a beautiful love child that was Taylor’s street style.

Writing this post I have come to realise that shirt dresses are a definite yes from me. Also small chelsea boots with a little heel and any kind of oxford flat OR heel. Also boxy handbags are a must, and accessorizing my hair is something I need to put a little more effort into.

After writing this post I have come to the conclusion that I need to make millions of dollars and live the glamorous life in NYC where I can display A+ street style on the daily. But really, I pull so many pieces from my own wardrobe from street styles like this one. I don’t have the resources to constantly be buying new outfits all the time, but some things that I have pulled from this street style are:

Oxford shoes – Mine are flats from Aldo, they were about $50 and killed to break in, but they’re such a staple in my spring and autumn style that it was well worth it.

Staple Coats – Every time I’m in the thrift store I buy at least one coat. I’ve amassed a big beige London Fog coat, a smaller plaid American Eagle coat, a smaller beige Banana Republic coat, and a couple of big statement raincoats. I love coats. They can make a very basic outfit look 10x better.

A classic blue button-up long-sleeved shirt – These are great for all year round outfits, I got mine from H&M for about $15 and I wear it all the time.

Little Black Boots: Ok. So when I saw that picture of Taylor in the overalls I fell in love with her boots and the person who had posted the picture had posted links to all the pieces in it, and it just so happened that the boots (from Topshop) were on sale for $50. Naturally, they now live on my feet. They are the comfiest, cutest fricken pair of boots I’ve ever own and they’re definitely one of my favourite things in my wardrobe.

A black boxy bag: I can’t afford to have a different bag every time I go out, so I chose to buy one nice bag in black so that I can use it the most often. I got mine from Winners, it’s London Fog, and it’s featured in my newest video going up this Sunday – What’s In My Bag? on 🙂

The perfect skinny jeans – For me, these are the Joni jeans from Topshop. I wear them so much that they wear out within a matter of months now 🙁 I realise now that I need to diversify the bottoms I’m wearing a bit more, but these jeans are so flattering on me and they’re so easy to wear under any kind of shirt. They’re the perfect jeans for me!

Things still on my purchase list – as inspired by Taylor

Black Raybans: the knockoff ones just never look right! I’m waiting until I get prescription sunglasses to get these ones because it’s just not worth spending that much money on sunglasses I can’t wear if I can’t see.

A green tartan print scarf: My sister has one of these and I love it so much that she hides it from me 🙁 I still haven’t figured out where she hides it, but one day I will and then it will be mine. (She bought it from Zara).

Tall dark boots: I always think of the boots Monica bought on Friends that were super uncomfortable when I see Taylor’s boots. I really want a classic looking pair for myself, but all the ones in my price range seem to be lower quality (obvs) and not the kind of classic look that I want 🙁 Better keep looking, or hope some go on sale!

I’m literally sitting here considering cutting my hair after seeing so many of these cute pictures. Anyways, I just wanted to start off with a celebrity who has a style exactly like my own to give you all a good idea of my own personal tastes! Not all the celebrities I feature will have that classic, summer in the Hamptons style, there’s quite a few who have styles that I love even though I don’t have the same taste (see: Zendaya, Ellie Goulding, and more).

Thanks so much for reading, let me know who your favourite celebrity style icons are in the comments below 🙂

xx Sabrina

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