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Alooooha friends! I won’t lie to you, I almost completely forgot about the Oscars last night. See, I was at work until around 8pm , and when I got home I only walked into my family room while my dad (lol) was watching it by accident at around 9pm… THEN I remembered it was Oscar night. I completely missed the red carpet.☹️ I wasn’t planning on doing an Oscar’s best dressed list but as soon as I saw my #1 Best Dressed, I changed my mind. To be quite honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with most of the get-up last night, but there was one dress that I really loved. As a result my list is only 8 dresses long, but only picked the best 😊(And I’ve included some that aren’t necessarily my style but are still super gorgeous). Obviously, none of these pictures are my own and I found most of them on Twitter or Here we go! 

8. Olivia Munn  I really loved this dress the instant I saw it. This Stella McCartney dress is so simply and … what’s the right word? Chic. I also love that she styled it super naturally, simple jewellery, makeup, and hairstyle. It looks so effortlessly beautiful, Olivia Munn is officially on my list of celebrities to watch (fashion-wise).

7. Soairse Ronan
 Soairse Ronan’s Calvin Klein dress was an instant YES😍 for me. I love the cut and style, and the colour and SHINE! Also the blonde hair is so cute holy! Good job Soairse. (pronounced: Sir-shah)

6. Lady Gaga

 I didn’t get to see Lady Gaga’s jumpsuit on the red carpet, (but I saw it on Twitter later), which is a shame because it’s amazing. This is white jumpsuit is by Brandon Maxwell and is a good example of a piece that’s definitely not my style taste but I can still love and appreciate it. It’s still a little bit “out there” as Gaga’s style is known for, but it’s also incredibly elegant and classy. Well done Gaga.

5. Kate Winslet 

Kate Winslet’s Ralph Lauren dress was on a lot of people’s worst dressed lists because they didn’t like the shine of the dress. At first look I reacted the same way and thought it was some kind of Kim Kardashian latex dress. But! I quickly noticed that it’s a bit more of a vinyl looking texture and I just thought it was really simple and cool looking.

4. Rooney Mara   This is another dress I wasn’t too fond of at first glance. When I actually looked at it closely and realised all the ornate detailing I decided that Rooney Mara’s Givenchy dress is incredible. It has so many elements of this year’s Spring trends but still has a bit of that individual look that Mara tends to opt for. Again, it’s a dress that I probably wouldn’t opt for unless I was feeling bold, but it suits her so well – that’s a big part of what makes this look so beautiful.

3. Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton. Yellow is a bold colour to choose and most who choose it are making a mistake. There are so many things about this dress that make me think it should be ugly but it’s not. The bagged skirt itself one of my least favourite looks. What I love most about this look is that she made it a look. It’s not just the dress-  it’s the dress with the heels and the earrings and the hair. I genuinely believe this dress could have been an eye sore on anyone else, but she (or her stylist) brought out all the beautiful aspects of it instead of expecting it to do all the work.

2.  Rachel McAdams

 This dress was a VERY close second. It’s an August Getty Atelier dress and HOLY MOLY I love it. I loved it the instant I saw it, sigh, love at first sight. The jade colour is amazing and the silky texture (though it creases) looks so soft and classy. That’s it. This is the classiest dress that the Oscars saw last night. The instant I saw it I thought “that’s exactly what I would wear to the Oscars.”Also let’s talk about her after party dress because I just saw it and I may like it even more than this one:

She may not have won, but her stylist did. A+, McAdams. (Dress by Naeem Khan, picture from Daily Mail)

1.  Cate Blanchett

 I want to scream whenever I see this dress that’s how much I love it. I love every little detail on it. The dress is by Armani Privé and it and her whole look were my absolute favourite of the night. It was the first dress I saw when the Oscars got turned on TV and it was the reason I sat down to watch (in awe). This dress is what I hope I would wear to the Oscar’s, but I don’t know if I’m amazing enough.

Thanks for reading friends! Who sported your favourite look at the Oscars this year?


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