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Aloooha friends! I started this “Celebrity Style Icons” collection last week with a post on my fav- Taylor Swift and her NYC street style. This week I wanted to turn our attention to someone who has a much different sense of style but is equally as fashionable. Zendaya’s style is so incredibly versatile and 100% her own. I love it because it’s so versatile. I can never stick to one kind of style, and it always seems to me that all the celebrities whose styles inspire me are always sticking to one area whether it be preppy or hipster or athletic or whatever. Zendaya breaks down this concept that a celebrity needs to turn their fashion statements into part of their brand. She posts pictures of herself in beautiful dresses on Instagram and then casually comments on how she’s wearing basketball shorts underneath. I just love her a lot, and I’m sure you will to 🙂

Let’s flashback now to the 2015 Met Gala, where celebrities around the world dress up as one of the most incredible modern exhibits the Met puts on each year. I was unfortunately underwhelmed by most of the dresses, which – don’t get me wrong – were nice, but they weren’t necessarily what I would have chosen for an art exhibit… For a red carpet, sure, but the Met Gala isn’t any old red carpet, it’s a literal exhibit and the clothing celebrities and their stylists choose to wear are the pieces being shown in this exhibit. I was thoroughly unimpressed until I saw Zendaya. Just LOOK

zendaya x8zendaya x9.jpg

I love everything about this look, and in my humble opinion, Zendaya totally dominated the Met Gala (and my poor heart).

I then started to pay more attention to what she wore to red carpet events and realised tht she tended to dominate literally all of them. zendaya x1

The Oscars 2015. This was actually way before the Met Gala, but I remember seeing this and loving everything about it. Also this girl’s waaaay ahead of this game, this dress was gorgeous then but is totally in season for Spring 2016 too. That silky cream, form hugging drapery? Girl… Yes.

But like I said before, she doesn’t just stick to one style – not even on the red carpet. Yet she still manages to be a total knockout every time. She just picks the best things from all the areas of style and fashion.

2015 American Music Awards - Arrivals
LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 22: Singer Zendaya attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

zendaya x4zendaya x5zendaya x7

Zendaya x2
2016 Grammys, pays tribute to David Bowie, rocks a suit, looks and is amazing.

Or one of my personal favs…

Star Wars - The Force Awakens World Premiere
Star Wars – The Force Awakens World Premiere Featuring: Zendaya Coleman Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 15 Dec 2015 Credit: Nicky Nelson/

All of these looks are incredibly different but all work so well for her… and her street style is nothing short of this either!

First up we have high-class fashionista rocking the metropolitan streets:

Then we’ve got the kind of stuff that you might find me wearing (on a good day), but somehow, no matter what style she’s going for, it’s still got that hint of herself and is still (of course) incredibly glamorous:

Then she pulls off the most chich casual wear I’ve ever seen. And not day to day jeans and a t-shirt kind of casual, I mean sweats and a hoodie kind of casual. SO effortless and still SO cool:

I will right now recommend you to follow her on Instagram because she often posts pictures not just of her beautiful style, but also of her makeup. I didn’t get to talk much about her makeup skills in this post but trust me, this girl’s got talent. She’s a new face for Cover Girl and did her Grammy look by herself, using all of their products. What can’t she do? I know that sounds clichĂ© but seriously! She’s my age… I hate that. I need to aspire to be as successful as her.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any thoughts to share, or tell me who your celebrity style icons are in the comments!

xx Sabrina

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**Disclaimer: Again, all the photos used in this blog post were found on Google images, I’ve left any captions that they may have originally had in attempt to give credit to the photographers who took them. xxx



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