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Ahhhloooha friends! This is a continuation of my photo studies around the world, of which you can explore by clicking here (France, Italy, Greece, China) . This week we’re going to the South of Spain! One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been 🙂 This was a family trip for Christmas/New Years in 2012. We flew into Málaga and stayed in Marbella, but we visited a lot of amazing places along the way!

Let’s start in Málaga…

spain x15
The City
spain x8
(Sitting By…) The Sea

I didn’t take too many pictures in Málaga because we only spent one day there and I was feeling poorly 🙁 But I remember laying on the beach under this tree with my sister ( and trying incessantly to get the right angle for this picture.

spain x10
The beach in Marbella

I took quite a few snaps by the sea in Marbella, this was my favourite area that we visited -very beautiful, very glamorous.

We also visited two very cool places in the south: the city of Ronda, and the city of Gibraltar.

spain x12
This is Ronda. I got very sick on the winding road up, but it was worth it. 

Ronda was amazing, there was tons of history there and it was so much fun to walk around and explore 🙂 Gibraltar was (maybe) even cooler.

spain x7
The rock of Gibraltar (as close as you can get!!)

There is such an extensive history to the rock of Gibraltar, but even if you weren’t a history nerd like myself you would really enjoy this place. It’s just… really, really cool. It’s a little British city built on a rock, with caves and monkeys and all kinds of crazy things. It’s also how I got One Direction’s CD before it was released in North America, those were the days.

Seriously though. Google Gibraltar because there’s so much to it, I can’t fit it in this post!

Playing eye-spy with Africa… (Morrocco as seen from the Rock of Gibraltar)
spain x4
Me (ft dark hair) at the end of the ancient known world! UNREAL! (Pillars of Hercules)

On our way back from Gibraltar we noticed the sun was setting and decided to pull over to watch the sunset and enjoy the sea. Impromptu photo shoot anyone?

spain x3

And on that beautiful note, I leave you. I’m off to have sweet, sweet dreams of this place. Hope you enjoyed!

xx Sabrina

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