H&M Spring Haul! Unboxing & Try-On

Ahhhhhhh-loha friends! For those of you who are new here, I’m Sabrina and I post videos about fashion, beauty and lifestyle on my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/arcticsabrina/) every Sunday at 1pm 🙂 This week’s video was a spring fashion haul from H&M. All of the stuff I bought was on sale and I’m really pleased with how it all fit! Here’s a little sneak peak, if you like what you see make sure you check out my video at the bottom and give it one big happy thumbs up 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe before you go for more videos every week!

hm haul 4


If you’re curious as to what I’m considering Spring trends for 2016, I wrote a post on it which you can read here. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!
xx Sabrina

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About Sabrina

I love style, but I'm a student and I have no money. I talk about how I make it work.
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8 Responses to H&M Spring Haul! Unboxing & Try-On

  1. I love H&M! Everything you have bought is lovely, I really like the colour of the pinky-nude top, great for this time of year 🙂


    • Sabrina says:

      Thank you! I said in my video (shameless self-promo, forgive me) that I almost didn’t buy it but in reality those kind of basic tops are the ones that I end up wearing 9/10 days! So simple & easy to style.

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  2. love love love this!!! such a fun post


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  3. Jessica Jade says:

    I love hauls!! I’m a huge shopaholic haha xx

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