Dog Appreciation Post

Hi friends! There’s no purpose to this post other than to show you some cute dogs and introduce you to my own😊 

The lighter dog is Cordelia, she’s a golden retriever and she’s 4 years old. She’s just as smart and sassy as you would expect her to be from her name. I think she thinks she’s a human sometimes.

The darker dog is Butch, he’s a mixed breed, we adopted him when he was about 3 years old and now he’s 6 (probably). He had a pretty rough start but now he’s a total momma’s boy and a lil sucker. He’s part German Shephard, part husky, part Rottweiler, and part Chinese shar pei (lol). 
Basically they just sleep a lot and stare at things and snuggle with you. It’s pretty nice. 

Anyways, I hope you liked meeting my dogs! If you want to see more of them they’re usually in my vlogs, and Butch made a guest appearance in my ‘What’s in my Bag?’ video, so head over to if you want to see those! 

Cordie also has an Instagram, ’cause she’s the kind of dog that would. Her name is ‘princesscordelia’ (of course it is). Some other dog accounts I like are “tbibythecorgi” and “adventures_of_pippa_and_clark” SUCH CUTE DOGS!!!

Hope this wasn’t too weird of a post, I just really love animals😋

xx Sabrina



  1. I know exactly what you mean. im never lonely whenever im with Otto, even when hes just sleeping by my side. I really dont know how i got so lucky with my little guy. All my friends are having babies and such and Im over here with my baby

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