5 Most Annoying Things About University

Aloha friends! It’s not surprise that I haven’t been super active on my blog lately for obvious reasons (and not so obvious reasons), one of those being university. When I sat down to film this week’s youtube video (I post them every Sunday at 1pm), I decided to film something a little more impulsive. This video isn’t just the 5 most annoying things about university, as I’m sure you could easily make your own list, it’s the 5 most annoying things that I didn’t expect from university. Some things you know are going to suck, being away from your family, leaving your friends behind, having to deal with a roommate, not having a kitchen, etc, etc. These are the first 5 things that I thought of; when I think back to senior year me, I never expected these problems would exist or would frustrate me as much as they do. Give the video a watch and let me know if you can relate or if you have any of your own surprise frustrations with uni 🙂

I’ll be back at it this week with some more makeup related posts so keep your eyes peeled! xx Sabrina

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About Sabrina

I love style, but I'm a student and I have no money. I talk about how I make it work.
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8 Responses to 5 Most Annoying Things About University

  1. Lydia says:

    omg this is brilliant

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  2. uni is consuming my life too!! love this post btw

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  3. soulpaletteblog says:

    Thanks for the smiles!



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  4. jackiemayerfiction says:

    TBAY locals unite! I found your blog on a whim, and I really enjoy your content. Tuition at Lakehead is ridiculously expensive, and I wish they would find professors that are serious about teaching subjects that they are passionate about. Also, some teachers just need to retire…

    Anyways, wonderful post/video. I followed you. 🙂 Have a great day.

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