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Aloha friends, it’s been awhile. Today I want to show you this super cute nail colour that I think is perfect for Spring 2016! I picked up this Formula X polish from Sephora last minute on my last order because it was on sale and I needed another $3 to qualify for free shipping (lol). Anyways, it has quickly become one of my favourite polishes and definitely the nail colour I’ll be reaching for most this Spring.

This is Formula X’s nail colour in Alive. The colour is reminiscent of the Rose Quartz, dubbed one of the colours of the year by Pantone. It’s a very feminine baby pink colour, and it looks great with both a glossy and matte finish. I also love the baby pink because it’s so subtle and can class up any outfit! I usually don’t reach for colours like pinks or oranges or anything that I don’t think will match with the majority of my outfits because nothing bothers me more than that. So I was surprised to find that this colour goes well with most of my Spring outfits this year, good on ya Pantone! spring nails x2

(Forgive me, I still need to clean up my nails. I’m the worst at painting my nails; I always make a mess).spring nails

I’m also very impressed with the formula of this nail polish. It was so cheap that I expected it to be really clear and watery – you know the type, where you need like 4 coats of it for any colour to show. In these pictures I have two coats on, three where I felt like I had messed up (lol) and then a top coat of Maybelline’s 440 (Clear). It also doesn’t take ages to dry so I was able to finish painting my nails over an episode of How I Met Your Mother. (Another reason I never paint my nails: it always takes forever and I’m impatient so it always gets all over everything and smudged).

All in all, I love this nail polish and I’ll definitely be wearing it a lot this Spring! Let me know what your favourite nail polish colour is in the comments below 🙂

xx Sabrina

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  1. I have the same impatience, haha! I always end up fiddling with something and smudging it all. Or the worst – brushing my hair behind my ears and getting it in my hair *cries* I like the Rimmel 60 second polish as it dries so quickly! 🙂

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