Fashion | Spring Forever 21 Haul

Hi guys! I’ve done another little spot of Spring shopping for some more pieces to wear all Spring long. This time I hit up the sale section of Forever 21 to pick up some new shorts, a new coat, and some new boots ๐Ÿ™‚

These shorts were each under $10 and are both perfect for Spring! The blue pair are a deep navy colour with a satin material and are high waisted. The striped pair are a bit more loose fitted. Both are easy to style and could easily be worn on warmer Spring days as well as cooler Spring days with some tights. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’ve already worn the satin pair of shorts out to the bar and I loved them! They’re SO flattering and so easy to style. Forgive my drunken mirror selfie:ย forever 21 haul.jpg

I paired it with some navy tights and a floral print velvet cropped top that I really never thought I would wear (lol).

These boots were around $30 (I think??? I mention how much in my video so if you’re curious just watch it!) And they’re basically a brown chelsea boot with a little heel. They’re very shiny and quite clearly plastic not leather, but I actually like that because it’s always so rainy and mucky during the Spring and it ruins leather. These were a bit uncomfortable but after working them in a bit they’re really nice and alsoย super easy to style!


This coat is hands down my favourite thing that I bought. I’ve worn it almost every day since it came! It was $40, originally $80, and kind of an impulse purchase. I just kept picturing it with different outfits and I’ve always wanted a coat like this one so I decided to get it and return it if it didn’t live up to standards (it did). I figured it would be really thin and pretty poor quality because let’s face it… it’s Forever 21. But it’s so warm and snuggly and though I’m a bit nervous about the buttons falling off or some stitching coming out, those are both things you can fix if you’re handy with some string. (I’m not but my mom is).

Overall, I was very, very happy with my Spring Forever 21 Haul. I did a little try-on haul on my YouTube account so if you want to see what the shorts look like on or just want to see what I’m like in person you can watch the video below!

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have any thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

xx Sabrina

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  1. Bella says:

    Gorgeous collection you bought! Xx

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