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Hi friends! I was having a bit of a blue day today so I was so happy to see this cute little box on my doorstep when I got home! I ordered two Kylie Lip Kits a few weeks ago in the colours Posie K and Mary Jo, these are my first impressions!


Basic Information:

My lip type: I have incredibly, chronically dry lips. It’s a problem. Normally, because of this, I don’t ever buy any matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks because I’m afraid they’ll just dry them out more. For these kits I had heard some really good thing so I was hopeful, and honestly I just really wanted to try them out because I’m materialistic that way! Whoops!

Buying the kits: If you’ve been trying to get these but they’re always sold out, here are my tips to you: Start following Kylie on Twitter and add her on snapchat. Personally, having her on Snapchat is what helped me get online in time! She always posts on her snapchat right before they go live as well as once they have. She also shows what’s going out of stock or going quickly as soon as it all goes on sale. I initially wanted Koko K but it went out of stock 🙁 So I got Posie K instead.

The names: Posie K was named by a fan, after she created the colour Kylie posted a pic and asked fans for recommendations and that’s how she came up with the name 🙂 Mary Jo is named after her grandmother which I think is so sweet!

Background information: The products are made in California (score!), are cruelty free – both human and animal (double score!). If you want to see more about them I suggest adding Kylie on snapchat because she often posts videos of her at the factory where they’re made and it’s really cool! I like that I can actually see the people who are making the products and how it all works 🙂lip kit x2

The cost: They’re $29 USD each. Each includes a lip liner and liquid lipstick. Like most people who have purchased one, I think it’s totally worth it because you get both the liner and the lipstick! I also don’t mind paying a lil extra to know that it’s cruelty free and ethically sourced, made in the USA. lip kit x7

The formula: While it is obviously dry, it didn’t make my lips crack or flake anymore than they normally do, and it didn’t’ make them look horrible and flaky either (thank god). Once it’s try it feels very light on the lips – like there’s really nothing there at all! It also doesn’t wipe off at all when it’s dry. With wetness it comes off a bit but only if you rub it, and then obviously it comes off with any oily foods or oil based makeup remover.

The liner: Each lip kit comes with a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner to go with it. I love the lip liners. 1st – They add to the lasting power of the lipstick, so if you want your liquid lipstick to last through an oily dinner (lol that sounds super gross! sorry), then I would suggest coating your lips lightly with the liner before putting the lipstick on. 🙂lip kit x3

Posie K

It’s surprisingly more purple than I thought it was! I thought it was just a deep pink but it’s much more a pinkish purple than that -it seems to have a lilac/violet undertone or something. I think it looks more pink under some of the instagram filters which makes it misleading… it looks a lot more purple/pink on me than the deep pink that it looks like online. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that it’s actually more purple than I thought because I really, really love that colour. 🙂lip kit x4

Mary Jo

Buzzfeed did an article where people of all different colours and styles tried it out and it looked amazing on all of them so I was SO excited for this one! I’m happy because I’ve stuck with my Dior’s favourite red for so long because I love it so much, but it tends to make my lips look super dry (lol, ironic?) so I wanted to get a different one that will last throughout the night better without constant touch ups and this one is PERFECT for that. The colour pay-off is amazing and it’s smudge free and long lasting, checks off all my boxes for a good red lipstick! I feel so classic in this lipstick that even though it’s 8pm on a Wednesday night, I’m ready to break some hearts and walk away in a flowy dress into the sunset. Also maybe because Wildest Dreams is on. I feel like the girl that this song is about. I am a wild dream. DREAM GIRL LEVEL 10.



lip kit x10
The dream girl feeling did not relate well to the selfie 🙁

There you have it, my first impressions! Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like a YouTube video of swatches/longevity testing or anything.

xx Sabrina


  1. Those colors look fab on you! Thanks for the advice on checking out her snapchat! I just started to follow it! I want Koko K so badly or Candy K!! However, I’m come up with some great dupes lol


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