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Friends, let me introduce you to my favourite pun to put on Instagram – a picture of me in my overalls looking bored with the caption “I’m overall this” HA. Classic.

Today I’m going to show you how I style my overalls! I love overalls, but at the same time I have an image to uphold. Okay that’s a lie, but I just don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped off a farm (not that that’s a bad thing, just not my personal style). So for me, I want to wear overalls but I still want to look put together. Not always an easy task.

The overalls: I only have one pair, they’re light blue and I bought them at Walmart. Shameless. I put a few more little rips in them just to rough them up a bit and make them look more worn in. I’m not going to try making the overalls themselves look classy, I’m just going to class it up with all the other clothes and accessories I wear with them 🙂 I tend to wear them one of two ways:

  1. With a cropped top. The first time I wore them (I don’t have a pic 🙁 ) it was almost exactly like this Taylor Swift outfit:

tswift x8Except of course my overalls are bliue and I had on the long sleeved version of that top. I always cuff the ankles of my jeans so there’s a little bit of skin between the top of the boot and the end of my jean And I’ll have you know I wore this like a week before Taylor so I am so not a copy cat. I added some more colour the last time I wore this with a green T cropped top from Urban Outfitters and brown heeled chelsea boots (the one from my Forever 21 haul here). 

The colour just made it a bit more casual I think.

2. The second way I style my overalls is with a long sleeved, tight fitted, neutral coloured (preferably white) shirt. I wear the same boots Taylor’s wearing (from Topshop, sold out) and again I cuff the ankles of my jeans. Then I add on a chunky gold chain to give it that extra glam look. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure if this look would work out but it honestly makes me feel so stylish and cute. A+ fashion endeavor.

Also can we talk about my platinum blonde hair? Oh my GOD I miss that.

Hope you enjoyed this post, just thought I would share it with you as my overall outfits tend to earn me quite a few compliments! Leave a comment below on how you style your overalls (if you wear them of course). Thanks for reading!

xx Sabrina

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