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Hi friends! I had a bit of a break from Youtube for awhile because of exams, this week I wanted to get back into it. I decided to do another vlog and take you all to a few of my favourite places around my hometown! Living on the north shore of Lake Superior means there’s no shortage of absolutely stunning places to visit around town – in this video I show you the places where people go cliff jumping, where I go star gazing and the Terry Fox Lookout. I wanted to show you guys places that would be very different to anything that you have in your own hometown 🙂 AND! I brought my dogs with me, so watch it for them. They’re the best. I even wrote a blog post about them, you can read that here. ♡

Don’t forget to like the video and join my subscribers if you enjoy it! I’d love to have you around 🙂

xx Sabrina

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