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Aloha friends!! Who’s ready for my latest beauty product review?! Let’s get to it! I have the LuMee iPhone 6 Case in Rose Gold, today I’m going to do a little review of that for you all!

What is it?

LuMee is a brand that creates phone cases with a lighting system built in. Around the phone (on the case) are LED lights that can be turned on and off and adjusted by a button on the back of the case. It’s intended to give the user photogenic lighting for selfies and pictures and such.

You may have heard the LuMee phone case be referred to as the ‘selfie’ phone case or the Kardashian phone case. It shot to fame when the Kardashians started using them – I think it was Khloe but I’m not sure… Whoops! Honestly I find it unsurprising that the Kardashians would endorse a product intended to improve selfies.

Does it work?

For the most part yes, it does work. But – it doesn’t make a huge difference unless you’re in low lighting, and I honestly don’t go out too often so I don’t usually find myself trying to take selfies in low lighting. Then, if I’m already in a well lit area my selfies may look a bit different with the LuMee case on, but they’re not necessarily prettier or nicer. For me it’s worth it because I do vlog in low-lighting and it really helps in those situations.

Is it worth it?

The cost of a LuMee case on their website is anywhere from $50 to $60. I got mine from Amazon for $27… (but I’m not 100% sure that it’s Lumee and not a knock-off…?!) I would say that it’s entirely up to you to determine whether or not it’s worth it. I won’t say that it’s not worth it, it does what it’s advertised to do. For me, cost is always dependent on how often I will use something, the more often I’ll use it, the more ‘worth it’ it is. So if you take a lot of selfies in low lighting, or if you’re a poor YouTuber start out like me, it might be worth it for you. 🙂

lumee x2

This week’s YouTube video was inspired by my LuMee case – I put it on and couldn’t get it off and GET THIS: There were NO tutorials on YouTube to help me out. What has the world come to? So I made a little video to show people how I got it off and then I did a little review, if you’re curious about LuMee I suggest you watch it!

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Youtube took my video down because it violated their guidelines – my best guess is that I was making too much off of a brand that I wasn’t affiliated with?! Not a clue, I’m new to this stuff. My advice was basically: use a charger, be super gentle and use it as leverage to pop the case off from the bottom. A few commentors broke their chargers in their phones trying to do this so before you try: take a breath, chill out for a sec, be VERY gentle, if it’s not working, take a break and try again instead of forcing it.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂

xx Sabrina

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