Beauty | Alexa Chung’s Effortlessly Chic Tutorial

Hi friends! This week’s video is a wee bit late but it’s one of my favourites! It’s an every day makeup tutorial inspired by Alexa Chung’s effortlessly chic look (as seen and described in her book It. Alexa is one of my go-to fashion icons – I can always find inspiration from her she just has such a classic and individual style. If you’ve never heard of her I 10/10, 100% recommend that you check her out! She led Vogue’s YouTube documentary on the world of fashion (also very interesting/informative if you’re into that). With this video I decided to forgo the narration and trust that you know what I’m doing – thoughts? do you prefer having someone talk you through each step? It just feels a bit redundant after awhile if I’m doing something basic or repetitive. Let me know in the comments!

xx Sabrina

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