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Hi friends! MAC lipstick collection posts are one of my all time favourites to read- I always need a little guidance before I face the huge table of lipsticks the next time I’m in the store. I won’t lie to you, my MAC lipstick collection isn’t the most impressive of them all… I only have 4! It’s just that every time I get to the counter I lose all direction and can’t decide on a colour! The colours I do have are all different and every time I reach for a new one I decide it’s too similar to one that I already own. On the bright side, this means that I’ve tried out a wide variety of their lipsticks without breaking the bank!

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From left to right: Angel (Frost), Verve(Satin), Media (Satin), and Hug Me (Lustre)

Angel is a light baby pink colour, Verve is a dark brown nude, Media is a classic deep berry (perfect for autumn just sayin!) and Hug Me is a classic nude lip colour.

The different MAC ranges

As you may already know Mac has a variety of ranges of lipsticks. The ranges define how sparkly, how matte or how moisturising the lipstick will be. My favourite range has got to be the lustre range, which is the most moisturising, which this girl loves because dry! lips!! I don’t mind the classic satin range either and I’ve never tried the creamsheen range but I’m sure I wouldn’t mind it either. I have since picked up a matte lipstick (D for Danger). Matte lipsticks are hit or miss for me, without any lip chap underneath they look super flaky and gross, but they go on really nicely overtop my Lucas Pawpaw Ointment so I would definitely consider purchasing more in the future! In my experience, they always have the best colours in the matte range.  The frost range = sparkly/shimmer… not 100% my thing and I probably wouldn’t opt for another one in the future (soz).

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My favourite

I know I said the ‘frost’ range wasn’t my favourite but despite that my Angel lipstick is an easy favourite for me. It was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought – I bought it because I was seriously inspired by Ellie Goulding’s pout and it was the closest colour I could find to her classic lip. It looks AMAZING with the Kylie Posie K lip liner and it just makes my lips look very full and feminine. It’s the perfect little touch to make an every day look just that little bit classier.

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What’s your go-to MAC lipstick colour? Give me some recommendations before I hit up MAC this summer!♡♡♡

xx Sabrina

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  1. Media is a really nice color! I love Rebel- most beautiful plum color. Also try Viva Glam VI, Touch, Creme in Your Coffee, MAC Red, Polished Up, Diva and Flat Out Fabulous.

  2. I love all these colours, Media in particular. I’ve been thinking of picking up my first MAC lipstick pretty soon, but there are so many options, I can’t choose!

  3. Great post. I always buy lipstick with the intent of wearing it and I never remember to put it on. I have about 4 colors by MAC which I love but I am bad about using. Maybe my mid-New Year’s resolution will be to wear it. After a year of Invisiline getting my teeth nice and straight…I might as well frame them with a sexy color.

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