May in Instagram! 

Friends! I can’t believe it’s already another month gone. HOLY. If you’re new to my blog – each month I post a little ‘review’ of my month as seen through my Instagram account. Last month I was pretty stingy on my insta posts so I tried really hard to post a lot more often this month, let me know how I did 🙂 Here’s May! (These pictures run from most to least recent).

 Advice of the day! ❤ Tarte Eyeshadow Palette ❤ New vid up on youtube!

smiles from my shoot ❤ OOTD ❤ Levi’s appreciation post

#getMOVING ❤ New layout on my youtube! ❤ probably the sweetest most adorable pic

sunny days spent hiking ❤ Alexa Chung Makeup Tutorial vid!! ❤ BIRKS.

MAC lipstick collection ❤ shameless selfie ❤ changed up my DW watch band!

this is what summer looks like ❤ MAC lipstick post promo ❤ tulips!!!

kakabeka falls post promo ❤ Advice of the day! ❤ ring light selfie

April favs promo ❤ sweet baby Cordie ❤ tulips and sunny days

#tbt History formal! ❤ Lumee review vid promo ❤ #tbt exploring the conservatory

❤ ❤ ❤

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