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Hi friends! Today I’m going to do a little review of the oval brush set from My Makeup Brush Set. Please note: these products were sent to me for promotional services but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.About Oval Brushes 

Oval brush sets have become more and more popular throughout 2016. The first time I remember seeing them was in Karlie Kloss’s ‘Recreating the MET Gala Look (Tutorial)‘ video. I was instantly impressed by them, I thought they were such a creative take on the classic makeup brush and I knew other people would see them the same way. Since January I’ve started seeing more and more of the Oval brush sets all over the place. The most popular ones seem to be the MAC Cosmetics ones however I’ve seen quite a few dupes like these on Instagram.


This brush set has the absolute perfect density for it’s uses. The foundation brush is easily the best one I’ve ever used. It dispenses the product evenly and lightly and has the softest cushiony feeling. The small circle brushes are great for the lips as well as for drawing little dots of dark contour and the smaller oval brushes are great for blending the contour. The skinnier brushes are good for liners as well as highlight. The only product I probably wouldn’t use these with is blusher because I think it needs a bit of a less dense brush. All in all the oval brushes. Now let’s talk price – the MAC oval brushes are (like most MAC brushes) not cheap. I could either get one MAC brush or one entire set from a different retailer. I’ll be honest, if I had the money I would probably opt for the MAC set as I find that big name brands are always more accountable for the product they provide but given the fact that I have to pay like $5,000 for school by August, that’s just not realistic for me. In addition to that I often find that the more expensive products are made incredibly similar to the cheaper options, and are sometimes even made at the same factories and are the same product with different labels (remember the whole Kylie Lip Kit/Colour Pop thing?!) The oval brushes provided by My Makeup Brush Set appear to be almost exactly like the MAC oval set, they have the same look and details apart from the obvious absence of the MAC logo. That being said, I’ve never used or seen a MAC oval brush in person (we sadly don’t have a local MAC store :() but from what I’ve seen online they seem quite similar. All in all the biggest pro’s:

♡ they look cool

♡ they are cool

♡ all the brushes are all useful

♡ they are way cheaper than most other options


The biggest con for me is that I don’t know where they’re made or what they’re made of. To be fair you don’t get that information when purchasing a MAC brush either, but it’s just important to me so I really do see it as a con. I haven’t reached out to the company to ask yet, so it’s not like it’s a big secret I just wish it was advertised. I like to know what I’m buying. The brushes also do take some getting used to. They’re obviously different from classic brushes that we’re used to using so the technique is also different. However, that’s one of the reasons I would recommend getting a more inexpensive option before moving on to something more expensive and high-quality – you want to make sure you can work well with the brushes and that they can give you the end result you’re looking for. Also, I do find that the handles to the brushes can be a bit bendy, so if I’m trying to spread the product on my face the handle bends and pulls a bit differently than I want it to which is frustrating but part of learning how to use them I suppose. I have also read reviews that said that the My Makeup Brush Sets take a long time to be shipped in. Please note that most of these reviews came from 2015 and when they mailed me my products, though I did not go through the website to receive them, they came to my door within a week.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to someone looking to try out an oval brush set. They way cheaper of an option, you get all the brushes and they are actually incredible quality. I also really love that they come with a little bag. If you’re interested in buying a set you can get them from the My Makeup Brush Set website, they retail at $25.00 and come with 10 makeup brushes (not just the 9 pictured here – I had used one to apply my lipstick and forgot to pop it in the picture- whoops!  There’s another small circular brush.) You can also use the code SAVEWITHARCTIC for an extra 10% off your order. ♡ If you have had an experience with these brushes or with My Makeup Brush Set feel free to leave a comment below sharing it! Thanks for reading ♡

xx Sabrina

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