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Hi friends! If you’re new around here – my name’s Sabrina and I make videos & write blog posts about everything beauty, fashion & lifestyle. If you’re not new around here, you may have noticed my absence from social media/blog/youtube lately. I went to Toronto for the weekend for Ellie Goulding’s concert and I jam-packed my schedule (whoops). I did try to do a bit of vlogging so I’ll edit that and post it up on my Youtube ASAP if you’re interested in all the fun lil adventures I got into over my trip 🙂 ANYWAYS, for now, I just want to talk to you about one of the cute little cafes I ended up visisting while here. The FIKA Cafe was featured on a Buzzfeed article, that’s how I found it. It’s actually in a great location, right in the heart of Kensington Market so you can head there for breakfast and then explore the market or vice versa. It’s an absolutely great location as there’s lots to see and do in the area and it’s all very culture. I consider it kind of like the Brooklyn of Toronto, very close to Chinatown, very hipster, very cool.

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menu: 3/5 Seems to be exactly the type of place you’d expect in Kensington Market- locally sourced, earthy type menu items. I got a kind of healthy breakfast sandwich that had egg, pesto, sprouts and kale (I think?) in it and I was not about it at all, but my sister really liked it. They also had a breakfast granola/yogurt deal and I’m really kicking myself for not ordering it. They have a separate lunch menu that I didn’t get to try out. I will say that for breakfast they only had two or three items so the selection wasn’t super great if you have dietary restrictions or are just a picky eater, but it is a smaller place so I suppose that’s to be expected.

Drinks: 5/5They had both coffee and tea, classic types of coffee (latte, flat white, etc) and I believe some more exotic types of teas than your classic black and green. They also had iced teas which my sister got and it was yum. My favourite was my lemonade – SO GOOD. It came with a sprig of rosemary in it and it was so refreshing on such a hot day.

Atmosphere & Decor: 3/5 SUCH A CUTE PLACE! It was a hot day out but we still opted to sit out on the patio under the cover of umbrellas. The seating area is a bit confusing, there are seats in the front of the shop but then it seems to continue on to the back, but it’s not really clear and you don’t want to just walk into the back of a shop, ya know? A lot of people went in while we were outside that I never saw come back out – and when I went in to grab a lemonade (SO HOT OUT) no one was inside, so I was wondering if there was a backyard type patio? Not clear. Confused. The people working also didn’t come off very friendly but hey it was kind of early in the morning so who can blame them?

Price: 3/5 It wasn’t incredibly cheap but it wasn’t incredibly expensive. The portions of the food were small for what you were paying and the drinks were delicious but again, slightly overpriced for what they were.

Available Seating: Despite being featured on a Buzzfeed article, and being a smaller place there was still more than enough seating. Again, not sure if there’s seating in the back which may have helped with that. Also keep in mind that we got there just after 10am when it opened.

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All in all: it was a great start to my day! I do love to have a healthy breakfast to start off my day so that was a plus, and Kensington Market is such a nice place to be on a bright and sunny day. I also really love checking out places that I’ve heard about online and seeing and judging for myself and there you have it!

Thanks for reading, xx Sabrina

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