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Hi friends! The brush set that I’m reviewing today is the “High Techniques Brush Set” from ‘My Makeup Brush Set‘. In case you missed it, My Makeup Brush Set sent me some awesome oval brushes to promote over on my Instagram and I took the opportunity to do a review of those as well – you can read that here. Recently they approached me again to see if I would be interested in working with them some more and I was so impressed by the quality of the first set of brushes that I received that I immediately accepted. The High Techniques brush set, much like the oval set, are based off a pre-existing, pricier set of brushes. This time it’s the Real Techniques Bold Metals set.

The RT Bold Metals

The Real Techniques brushes have been popular on the internet for awhile as they’re often much more affordable than most high street brands. The Bold Metals collection is the priciest collection the Real Techniques has. Each brush is sold separately and costs vary from $13 USD for smaller eyeshadow brushes to $21 USD for larger face brushes. The only two brushes from the RT collection that aren’t in the MMBS collection are: the pointed crease brush($13USD) and the triangle concealer brush ($15USD).


The Makeup Brush Set collection comes with 7 out of the 9 RT brushes, the only conceivable differences are in their cost, where they were purchased and the little RT logo that obviously does not exist on the Brush Set collection. The Brush Set collection comes to a total of $19.99 USD for all 7 brushes while it would cost $119 USD for the same brushes on the RT website. The quality of the brushes are again surprisingly great. Whenever I opt for a cheaper, lesser known, perhaps slightly sketchy option I tend to expect a lower grade quality. That being said, these brushes are just as nice as I would expect the RT brushes to be. I used them today for my makeup to make sure the work well and wash well – they do (though the white tends to hold onto a bit of the makeup colour despite a good lather). I would consider both the low cost and high quality of the product to be their biggest pros vs the Real Techniques brushes which might be just as nice, but significantly higher cost.


One of the biggest cons with buying a brush set is that you have to pay for the whole set. While it may be a lot cheaper than buying all the brushes from Real Techniques, if you only want one or two of the brushes you don’t really want to have to pay for all of them (though it’s still arguably cheaper to do so). Again, another con for me is that the website doesn’t have a ton of information on where they’re made, what they’re made from – to be fair, RT doesn’t have any of this information either. I would imagine that they’re made from the same manufacturer just sold by different distributors and brands, but I can’t be sure. One more thing to be aware of is shipping – I have read a few reviews that have said that shipping took way too long for their liking. Please note that most of these reviews came from 2015 and when they mailed me my products, though I did not go through the website to receive them, they came to my door within a week.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Blending Eyeshadow Brush
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Flat Contour Brush

Overall I’m very happy with yet another set of new brushes! I really wanted to get the Real Techniques Bold Metal ones as they’ve got a few really cool ones like the triangle foundation brush and flat contour brush but they were so expensive considering that RT is supposed to be a cheap option. My favourite brushes from my new set have got to be the flat contour brush and the blending eyeshadow brush, both work so well it’s insane! If you have any questions about My Makeup Brush Set, just let me know in the comments below ♡ If you plan on trying out something from My Makeup Brush Set please do use the promo code “SAVEWITHARCTIC” for 10% off your order! ♡

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