June in Instagram!

Aloha friends, it’s been awhile! Here’s my usual “monthly instagram” post to let you know what I’ve been up to while I’ve been on my little blog/youtube hiatus (but I’m back now, yahoooooo!) I’ve been posting little monthly updates on my life as seen through instagram since January this year. I think it’s a nice, easy way for my readers to get to know me/my style/my every day lifestyle a little bit better. I’ve gone ahead and hyper linked certain captions with more content related to it so if you see something u like, give it a click! I’ve been trying extra hard this month to be posting more on my instagram and to be creating a more cohesive instagram feed, let me know how I did! 🙂 Here’s June! Happy Canada Day and Independence Day and just plain old July friends! x

instagram june 3

lovin me some van g ❤ modern renaissance palette!! ❤ graffiti appreciation

welcome to paradise #ootd ❤ toronto ❤ all abt the dusty rose detailing

my makeup brush set promo ❤ sweet jesus ice cream ❤ always

fika cafe ❤ tattoos and sleepy mornings ❤ royal york

instagram june 2

quick lil flatlay ❤ i’m a real fire sign ❤ ellie!!!!!

EG concert ❤ Ellie is a real fairy princess ❤ i missed my flight

a few of my fav things this month ❤ beach waves ❤ beach bod

some more fav things ❤ my running motto ❤ new youtube vid

instagram june 1

feetsies and flowers ❤ organic energy balls ❤ new vid

shark dress appreciation ❤ sometimes u gotta ask urself ❤ootd

puppy snugs ❤ ‘the stephanie‘ ❤ shameless selfie sue me

behind the scenes ❤ my makeup brush set promo ❤ xoxo

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