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Aloha friends! As you can tell from the title of this post, I’ve got me some exciting news – we opened an Etsy shop! You can click to it here:

Who Are We?

BASICALLY – My mother is quite the potter now and we have an overflow of all her beautiful pottery dotting the house and none of it is getting used SO! We decided to try and sell some of it on Etsy! She makes all the pottery by hand on a wheel and I just did the pictures and set up the shop.

The stuff is quite cheap for handmade pottery as we’re really just looking to get rid of it right now, so if you’re into arts/crafts/homemade things/homeware/pottery/etc – check it out please! Free shipping to all of you in Canada!

What Is It? 

All handmade pottery thrown on a wheel by my mother. It’s all ceramic, and right now they’re all on the darker blue/green side, and they’re all small to medium sized bowls. That being said, there should be a lot more pottery going up soon including teapots and mugs!

How Much Is It?

Each item ranges from $15-$20 CAD depending on size and overall quality of the product. It’s free shipping to anywhere in Canada but it’s quite expensive for international shipping as Canada Post may go on strike and it would be quite a hassle to have to ship elsewhere. We’re not overly interested in making money from the shop, we just want to share our products.

Sorry for the shameless self-promo, even if you’re not interested in it please do share it if you know someone who may be 🙂 If you have any questions about pottery or setting up an Etsy shop just leave them in the comments below! ♡

x Sabrina

Do some shopping!

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  1. Hi Sabrina, great pots – congratulate your mum from me. I am starting a pottery course myself in September and would love to produce something as lovely. I do enjoy your posts and have just come back from Lake Como – which was wonderful I can truly recommend a visit. Take care Sherry

    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy your pottery, we went to Lake Como a few years back now but it was gorgeous, I’d love to go back some day!

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