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13644066_10154362525498493_203047276_nProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetAloha pals! Today I’m going to chat to you about what has quickly become one of my favourite beauty products to date – Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance palette. I’m sure you’ve seen this a lot throughout the internet on various Instagrams and YouTube tutorials but I thought I would go ahead and give my two cents anyways. I’m coming at it from the same perspective as a lot of you are – is it really worth the money, or is it just all hype? I always see products like this one, like the Kylie Lip Kits, that every YouTuber and Instagrammer instantly gets their hands on just because they know it’ll get them tons of hits. I’m always left wondering if it’s actually worth it, or are they only on board for the views? WELL, in terms of the Modern Renaissance palette, here’s my answer 🙂 

What Is It? 

  In case you haven’t heard of it yet, the Modern Renaissance palette is an eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. All the colours have renaissance art-themed names, and they’re all richly pigmented hues, again reminiscent of renaissance art. The palette has 14 colours in total and comes with a two-ended brush – a eyeshadow brush side and a blending side. The palette has been super popular across the internet, I’ve seen tons of shorter Instagram videos as well as longer YouTube tutorials (made by large-scale content creators) dedicated to the product. Everybody who talks about it says similar things- it has great colour payoff and is just generally the perfect palette. It’s quite a bit different compared with other trendy palettes – Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette and of course, Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. These other trendy palettes tend to feature all nude colours in beige, brown, or pink tones. The ABH Modern Renaissance palette does have a few nude tones but the majority of them are more rich in colour than those we’ve been seeing. Strange. New makeup trend? Is this the end of nudes? WHO KNOWS! 13652740_10154362521603493_954620723_n13644299_10154362521608493_30277778_n

About The Product

Some basic information and wonderings you may have answered here: It is advertised as having a “highly pigmented, easy to blend formula, crease and fade resistant.”The product costs $55.00 CAD (42$ USD), it features a mixture of dark pinks, rich beiges and taupes as well as a few dark reds and browns (advertised as ‘neutral and berry tones’). There are both matte, shimmery, and sparkly colours. My personal favourite is “Vermeer” which is a sheen pearl colour perfect for highlighting both the inner corner of your eye and under your brow bone. The packaging is adorable. The outside is a light lavender coloured velvet material, which I was afraid might get dirty quickly but hasn’t gotten dirty at all in the time I’ve had it (woo hoo!). The inside has a glossy brown finish, 14 eyeshadow spots, a spot for the brush it comes with, and a little mirror on top (protected by one of those clear stickers when you first get it! QUALITY).

It’s formulated without parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. It also claims to be cruelty free, according to Peta’s website – along with a few others – Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the brand’s at Sephora that is entirely animal cruelty free!!! Go ABH! After pulling out a magnifying glass (jk) I was able to find where the product was made (on the back label) – the eyeshadows are Made in the USA (woo hoo!) and the brush was “Made in PRC” aka People’s Republic of China (less woo hoo but not terrible I suppose!). All in all: no animal cruelty, potential human cruelty but hopefully minimal!!!!!)

SwatchesProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

*swatches are unedited

Top to Bottom, swatched with finger

Cyprus Umber


Warm Taupe

Love Letter

Venetian Red

Antique Bronze

*swatches are unedited

Top to Bottom, swatched with finger

Buon Fresco

Red Ochre



Golden Ochre

Burnt Orange

Raw Sienna


Is It Worth It? 

In my humble opinion, oui, yes, si! Most palettes in today’s high street market cost anywhere between $50-$70 depending on the brand. Now, I’ve never bought another palette that costed as much as this one (apart from Tarte’s Christmas bundle last year that came with a palette but a bunch of other stuff too…). I don’t have a Naked palette, I don’t have any of the Too Faced palettes for the simple reason that I never really wanted one. I didn’t see the point of buying a fully nude pigmented palette (DON’T JUDGE ME). I liked some of the colours but they were all far too similar for me to justify spending so much money on 14 of what I saw as virtually the same eyeshadows. The other thing I didn’t like was the lasting power and the colour payoff – even my Tarte palette has so-so colour payoff and nothing is more annoying to me than that. EYE ROLL. I saw swatches of the ABH Modern Renaissance palette from other lowkey bloggers and they still looked as amazing (especially in terms of colour payoff) as bigger bloggers who may be doing it for promo reasons (or just want it to look more glam than it is… idk). SO: amazing colour payoff? check. amazing colour selection? check. amazing packaging? check. cruelty free? check. made in the USA or other country with worker’s rights legislature? partial check.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Where Can I Get It? 

If you’ve decided to purchase one or just want a bit of a look on your own you can find the ABH Modern Renaissance palette both on Sephora’s website, as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ website.

ABH Web:

Sephora Web:

It’s currently out of stock on the Sephora website but if you have a local Sephora I would recommend checking it out close to it’s opening time. When I went to Sephora to look for one while I was in Toronto they never had any, I was quite discouraged. Then, on my last day there I decided to hit up Sephora and ask one of the worker’s whether it was sold out or whether I just couldn’t find it. It was bright and early and they had just opened and low and behold! There were about 10 Modern Renaissance palettes right in the section I had looked in every day before that. My guess is that some shops only put out a certain amount each day to offset constantly being sold out, so get there early to see if they have one! Otherwise, you can order from the ABH website where it’s not out of stock, and it appears that they ship to most places in the world.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ladies and gentlemen and those of you in between! That is IT! My very extensive palette review is done!!! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or general wonderments that I haven’t answered. Any and all feedback on quality/style of reviews is very welcome as well! Thanks for reading 🙂 ♡ xx Sabrina

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  1. Great review and I love your photography! I’ll definitely try this one out (although it’ll probably take me about 2 years to buy it haha ;)) ~ Bella x

  2. I love love love these colours they look absolutely gorgeous! Also, any post with a taylor swift reference in the background is a definite winner 😉 Have given you a follow! Check out my blog if you have the time :)x


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