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      Aloha friends! Today I want to talk about lingerie – Ou la la! I was recently approached by a representative from the lingerie brand ‘Adore Me’ who I’m pretty sure just wanted me to promo them but they didn’t really make it all too clear… Anyways! it got me hung up on the idea of lingerie or what I call “nice underwear” (I’m a very eloquent person) as a form of self-care. I wanted not only to chat about that, but to also give a little insight on what to do if you (like me) can’t even find your true fit at Victoria’s Secret. Because that’s not a valid reason not to have pretty lingerie anymore. (I also had a lot of pretty lingerie inspired flatlays to share.) Enjoy!

I know for a lot of people, myself including, even just wearing underwear that matches can make me start my day feeling really put together. I used to tell myself not to bother buying pretty underwear because I didn’t have a boyfriend when, in reality, most boys don’t really care about that kind of stuff. I’m the one who cares, so I’m the one I should be buying and wearing it for.

Finding your right fit and finding what suits you style-wise and comfort wise can absolutely make you feel much more confident in your body. When shopping or chatting with friends I always get a lot of “well I can’t wear that because I’m too fat” or “my boobs are too small”, or virtually any other body insecurity that tons people have. I think it’s those insecurities that make it so much more important, at least to me, to find the right fit/style for you in terms of underwear. If you do find the right underwear that you think you look hot in when you never thought you could it gives you such a great confident booster.

I’m lucky that brands like Victoria’s Secret have sizes that fit me relatively well, but there are tons of women who just don’t fit in to Victoria’s Secret’s standard sizes. Even for myself, I have a very standard body shape yet Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry my true size so I have to accommodate to something that fits “okay-ish” (or I have to loose boob weight) because I feel like bra options are so limited. I have friends of all shapes and sizes who, like me, have bra sizes that just aren’t carried by brands like VS.

Can I just say – there is nothing more discouraging than walking into Victoria’s Secret, finding the perfect, most gorgeous bra, just to find out it doesn’t come in your size – or walking over to the drawer with your size on it just to find that it only has nude colours and the less lingerie-like bras. When I went from Victoria’s Secret  size 32 DD to a 32D to 32 C I noticed that my options for cute bras increased exponentially so I opted to sacrifice a little comfort for a little more cuteness. Note: If you have a size that VS carries but there’s only ugly bras in the store, look online for some because that’s where I’ve had the most luck! OR opt for a website like Adore Me!

Adore Me is just one of the options that you can turn to, they have gorgeous lingerie of all shapes and sizes. Their band sizes range from 30 to 44, and their cup sizes range from A to G – and this goes for all their bras.The site is a bit confusing as it makes you think you’ve got to become a member in order to buy from there, and it’s true that the best deals are there for members, but you are able to buy as a guest and it’s generally still cheaper than shopping at Victoria’s Secret. They have so many different styles and sizes on their website – so if you’ve been constantly been let down before – check out Adore Me and let me know how it goes! I’ve never bought anything from there yet but I’ll be keeping my eye on it for future lingerie shopping! Aerie is another great option, but I find that their bras aren’t all that sexy and their bralettes definitely would not fit me – still worth a try if you’ve never checked it out before though!

Find your true bra size!

Adore Me Website | Aerie Website

A little tour of my favourite lingerie!

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Urban Outfitters bralette – Large
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VS semi padded bra – 32D (found online)
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VS unlined bra (all-time fav) 32D (found online)
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VS lightly lined bra 32DD, the best bra I’ve ever found in their store! Also the most expensive…

Bralettes and unlined bras are my all-time fav, but it’s so hard to find ones that fit! Let me know in the comments if you have any advice/experience with bra issues.

Lots of love, x Sabrina

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  1. Ah that’s super cool! I’m a lingerie model myself, but I’ve never heard of them before. Sounds like a great concept never the less 😛
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