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I’ve been on the hunt for good rainboots for awhile and, after booking a trip to Ireland for fall reading week (wahooo!!!), they became more of a need than a want.

My Rainboot Struggle Story 

I’ve been on the fence of buying a pair of Hunter boots for awhile now – on one side of things they’re not just trendy but are actually really good quality, but on the other side of things they’re really expensive and I don’t find that they really suit my style. (Do rainboots suit anyone’s style really???) I don’t mind spending a little extra if it means I get a little extra quality, but I was worried that I was paying more for the name brand than the quality. Even when I looked in sale sections (which is the only place I ever really look) everything was over $100. I had my heart set on a pair of the shorter rain boots, but they were still $120 plus shipping while on sale. And so, I convinced myself to just wear the waterproof pair of Doc Martens that I already had.

When I booked my trip to Ireland I knew I could not go without going to the Cliffs of Moher. Seaside cliffs like these are my happy place. I have literally written short stories with the sole inspiration of that setting (thanks writer’s craft!). Problem is – Ireland’s a rainy place in the fall, and I plan on doing the 30km hike up the Cliffs from Doolin. I decided I can’t wear my (winter) L.L. Bean boots – too warm and I can’t wear my Doc Marten’s – too many blisters. I had no choice but to pick up my search for rainboots again.

I initially looked at the Hunter Boot website sale section, and there were a pair of excellent chelsea type boots on sale for $111. They were chelsea style, lined with a neoprene material and had a drawsting top (keeps that rain out!!) Perfect! Check them out: (photo from Hunter website)


I didn’t want properly tall rain boots, or even ankle sized as they would be hard to hike in (should it be a rainy day that I hike on) so chelsea boots were perfect. But then it was about another $15 on shipping and for some reason I just can’t justify it – only $15 more but it feels like $100 when you’re trying to save money. And then I had a stroke of brilliance, thank you very much. I went and looked on Hudson’s bay, where I found them for $100, and where I get free shipping on orders $99+. They only had my size left, and I bought them immediately. I’ve since worn them around a bit so that I can give you all a comprehensive review! (They’re still available on the Hunter website in the sale section here)


I absolutely got a great deal from Hudson’s Bay – my guess is that most people buy Hunter boots for the trendiness of them and want to wear them on a regular basis. These ones are more geared for the outdoorsy type (in my opinion) in both style and practicality. I can totally see why people would find them ugly, and I wasn’t sure about them to begin with, but they were perfect for hiking in so I got them. Since their arrival I’ve worn them a few times and they’re so much cuter than I expected (scroll to bottom for pictures). For $100 CAD, they’re great quality, great materials, trendy, and perfect for what I needed. Safe to say they were worth it and I’m very pleased with my purchase.


From what I can see from my boots (and my sister’s – she’s had hers a lot longer) – they’re really good quality, they are made with care, the stitches are well done, the rubber doesn’t crack (with proper care), and they hold up well. I have yet to hear any bad things about the quality of Hunter boots – that’s why I wanted them in the first place. Usually quality tends to decrease when companies decide the money making factor is more important than quality of product and quality of life of employees – that’s why I’ve included a statement about their sourcing.


The Hunter website has an excellent resource on all of their “responsibilities” as a company – sourcing, employment, what they put into their products and where they get it. I find it’s very rare for a big company (especially trendy ones) to have this kind of easy access to information on the background of the products. You can access this corporate responsibility page here. Interestingly, the link to the “sourcing” page wasn’t working for me – hopefully just a technical glitch. A quick google search will tell you that their products are made in the U.K. (a huge plus) but I have yet to confirm this with the company themselves. If you’d like to learn a bit more about sourcing, I’ll consider writing a separate post about sourcing/out-sourcing; I’m not an expert in the topic, but I have researched enough to know general concepts about the importance of ethically sourcing. I am more than willing to share this in a very user-friendly manner to those of you interested!!! Let me know pals.


*all photos are my own, have been edited in the VSCO cam app under the preset F2*

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