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Hi friends! As you’ll soon see, this past week was my fall “reading week” for university, which means I had an entire week off before midterm exams start next week. The idea is that you spend this week “reading” (aka studying) and then you’re well prepared for exams. Obviously, I, like most others, did not do this. Reading weeks are a godsend right in the middle of term that give you a much deserved break, but like any break it’s so hard to get back into school mode. Even worse, you’re thrown right back into exams. SO! Partly to help move myself back into school mode, and partly to inspire those of you who have lost your school mojo, I’ve decided to compile a list of things to do to help keep you motivated for school!

1. Organization not Procrastination. I’m sure that every single one of you reading this knows that organization and time management are key to success at school so I’m not going to lecture you on it. Instead, I’m going to talk about what to do when you (like me) inevitably fall behind on your organization and time management. A friend of mine has a chart with all the assignments from all of her classes listed chronologically,so she knows what to prioritize. (A great idea, except I never made one). I tend to spend my time procrastinating by trying to organize my school life, by putting all my classes and work schedule and assignment schedules into my phone and day planner. In reality, I really don’t use them all that often, I’m just trying to procrastinate on my actual work while still feeling like I’m doing something productive. DON’T DO THIS! Yes, organization is important, but as long as you make sure you know your due dates, don’t use it as an excuse to procrastinate. Just do your damn work Sabrina.

2. Work Together. This is probably the one thing that helps me most when I’m trying to learn something particularly difficult or write an essay I just can’t seem to finish.  It helps so much to have other people from your class, or just other friends who are working on their own stuff, around when you’re trying to get stuff done. You have someone there to give you advice when you get a little lost and someone to give you a little break from studying when you need one. There are definitely times when I need to go to the library alone, if I’m really cramming or just need to focus. For the most part it’s nice to plan out study nights with friends so that you actually make yourself go in and get work done ahead of those last minute cram sessions. It also makes school a lot more fun, and obviously then keeps you motivated to keep going.

3. Stay in School. All I mean for this one is that you force yourself to go to all your classes, and when you’re at school, you stay longer than just those required classes. After class, go to the library or a coffee shop and get a little studying done, or start/finish some of the work you need to do for that class. This just makes your time at school a bit more valuable, I always get tired of school once I get home and take the time off of school and end up doing none of the school work that I have. It also helps your brain adjust to school mode and stay focused on that goal!

4. Bring a Snack! Personally, whenever I’m going to spend a long time at the library and attempt to get some studying done, it motivates me a lot to bring some things along that make me want to be there. For me, it’s snacks. I generally don’t eat junk food or special treats unless I’m cramming in.a last minute assignment or study sesh. It helps to bring tea or coffee and snacks because a. you won’t use that as an excuse to leave, and b. you will feel way more comfortable and settled in at the library. Also, don’t forget headphones. I always listen to classical music, or I just put headphones in with no music just to drown out the background noise of other people.

There you have it! My top 4 go-to tips for those of you who are starting to struggle with school, or are heading back after a break! Let me know in the comments below how you stay motivated for school throughout the year. Thanks for reading!

x Sabrina

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