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klkklk3Kylie Cosmetics recently came out with the new ‘Koko Kollection’ – aka a collection of lip mattes and one gloss designed by Kylie Jenner’s older sister Khloe Kardashian. As soon as I saw the promo pics for the matte liquid lipstick colours I was sold! It seemed to have all the colours that I felt were missing from my lipstick collection and I was keen to try out one of Kylie’s glosses. I conveniently also got the checked and received my email the minute the website opened up their sale on the Kollection, and I immediately clicked the link and added it to my basket and low and behold – it actually worked! That’s the thing about shopping at, as soon as what you really want actually makes it into your cart before being sold out, you feel obligated to buy it without thinking, so I did.klk8klk4klk12

What is it?

The Koko Kollection includes 3 new matte liquid lipsticks and one new gloss. All the colours have been designed by Khloe Kardashian. For liquid lipsticks there’s one deep berry red colour (GORG), one bright pink/red blend(OKURRR), and one nude colour (KHLO$). The gloss is a glitzy nude colour (DAMN GINA) that I think would look great on it’s own if you’re super into a glossy look – but it would also be great for doing ombre lips, especially for the holiday season! I feel the need to add that the names are super hilarious and scream Khloe. I thought the collection would be a great way to sample a few different colours and tones to see what colours suit me, I want to branch out a bit more with my lip colours I think… It’s also really great for Christmas gifts! I know I’ll be giving Gorg to my older sister as I already have a fair few berry red lip colours, and I know she’s been wanting to try a Kylie lip kit! In that case it kind of sucks as they don’t come with lip liners, but after trying them out I’ve noticed that they don’t seem to be as runny as my other liquid lipsticks from there! I have Posie K and Mary Jo K and I could not wear either of them without a lip liner,  as they kind of leek into any cracks around my lips, but these ones didn’t do that at all – they went exactly where I put them and just stayed there. They may have adjusted the formula since they weren’t offering any liners. My favourite colour is the Okurrr one, but I’m also really excited to try out the gloss even though I’m really not a huge fan of glosses in general. klk11klk13

About the Product

This is where I talk about manufacuring and animal cruelty, if you care about those things (you should!!), read on. As I stated in my previous review of Kylie’s lip kits, Kylie Cosmetics manufactures their products at a factory in California. While she was in the process of creating and kicking off her lip kits, Kylie was constantly snapchatting and sharing the process and the ‘behind the scenes’ of the manufacturing. I love this. I love that Kylie isn’t outsourcing to other countries though they may offer cheaper labour costs. I also love that she’s manufacturing in California because I believe, and let me know if I’m wrong, that this means she has to abide by the Californian state laws regarding what kind of chemicals can go into products. I’m 99% sure that California has tougher laws on such things in comparison to other states. When it comes to animal cruelty, all of Kylie’s products are 100% cruelty free, another huge A+ in my books. klk14klk19


In reality, it’s a great bargain. The collection is $40 USD for three matte liquid lipsticks in new colours designed by Khloe, and one gloss, also designed by Khloe. Considering it doesn’t include any lip liners it’s not a huge bargain, but it came with free shipping, so it came to about $12 USD/product once you factor in taxes.



Where can I buy it?

As far as I know the Koko Kollection is limited edition and will only be going on sale one more time, today at 2pm PT- click here!!!! It’s already been offered more times than they had planned due to high demand, so it’s possible it will be going on sale another time, check out their twitter account to keep updated, and/or sign up for emails from them (they don’t bombard you and email you every day I promise!). Kylie has also just revealed her Holiday Collection which I am BUZZING about, but way too poor to buy because of the Koko Kollection and all the damn Christmas shopping I’ve been doing.

*Photos have not been processed with a filter, lip colours are true*

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